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Ashampoo Photo Commander 7
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Name Extension
Type 1 Font file .pfm
PICT Image .pic
IrfanView ANI File .ani
Cursor File .cur
RLE File .rle
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
EMF File .emf
IrfanView HDP File .hdp
WMF File .wmf
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Server Response File .srf
Icon .ico
APC.IVF .ivf
WinZip File .img
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dng
JPEG Image .jfif
Bitmap Image .dib
Windows Media Photo .wdp
PICT Image .pct
QuickTime Image .qtif
MacPaint Image .pntg
MacPaint Image .mac
JPEG 2000 Image .jp2
MPEG Video .mpv
ACDSee Pro 2.5 NEF Bild .nef
SGI Image .sgi
Able RAWer (TIFF) .cr2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .orf
SGI Image .rgb
JPEG Image .jpe
Able RAWer (TIFF) .crw
Wireshark capture file .erf
QuickTime Movie .qt
Able RAWer (TIFF) .arw
ACDSee Pro 2.5 SRF Bild .sr2
Able RAWer (TIFF) .pef
Able RAWer (TIFF) .mrw
Paint.NET Image .tga
Able RAWer (TIFF) .raf
GIF Image .gif
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tiff
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
DirectDraw Surface Image .dds
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
JPEG Image .jpeg
Bitmap Image .bmp
MIDI Sequence .midi
PNG Image .png
Windows Media Audio/Video playlist .wmx
Windows Media Audio shortcut .wax
JPEG Image .jpg
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Hasselblad Raw Image .3fr
Able RAWer (TIFF) .x3f
WebP Image .webp
AU Format Sound .snd
Ogg Vorbis File .ogg
Paintbrush Image .pcx
AIFF Format Sound .aifc
MIDI Sequence .rmi
AU Format Sound .au
Movie Clip .mp2v
MIDI Sequence .mid
AIFF Format Sound .aif
Movie Clip .m2v
AIFF Format Sound .aiff
Windows Media Audio/Video file .asf
VLC media file (.mkv) .mkv
Movie Clip .m1v
Headerless RAW Waveform .raw
X11 Bitmap Image .xbm
Portable Bitmap .pbm
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .psp
HD Photo (JPEG XR) .jxr
IrfanView RAS File .ras
VLC media file (.divx) .divx
IrfanView PGM File .pgm
VLC media file (.ogm) .ogm
ACDSee Pro 3 RW2 Bild .rw2
Apple Audio Interchange File .iff
VLC media file (.ogv) .ogv
MPEG Audio .mpga
CD-ROM (WMA) 編集 .nrw
Wireless Bitmap Image .wbmp
Portable Pixelmap Graphics .ppm
ACDSee Pro 3 RWL Bild .rwl
Samsung Raw Image .srw
IrfanView KDC File .kdc
Free Lossless Audio Codec File .flac
VLC media file (.webm) .webm
PhotoCD Image .pcd
M3U file .m3u
MPEG Layer 1 Audio File .mp1
Movie Clip .mpv2
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3g2
Movie Clip .mpe
3GPP Audio/Video .3gp
Movie Clip .mpeg
Movie Clip .mpg
APC.PSP .pspshape
APC.PSP .psptube
APC.PSP .pspframe
Movie Clip .mpa
MP3 Format Sound .mp2
APC.PSP .pspmask
ACDSee Pro 3 PSP Bild .pspimage
Windows Media Audio file .wma
3GPP Audio/Video .3gpp
Portable Anymap Image .pnm
Adobe Photoshop Elements Image .pdd
AVS DVD Player Files .div
MP4 Video .mp4v
JPEG File Interchange Format .jif
AVCHD Video .m2t
AVCHD Video .m2ts
PagePlus Dokument .ppp
IrfanView EXR File .exr
Opus Audio Codec .opus
AVCHD Video .mts
MP4 Video .m4v
OmniPage Image File .dcx
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .j2k
IrfanView CLP File .clp
Multiple Network Graphics Image .mng
Dialogic VOX file .cr3
Amiga Paint Image .lbm
Dr. Halo Image .cut
ACDSee Pro 2.5 HDR Bild .hdr
QuickTime Movie .mov
ADTS Audio .aac
IrfanView HEIC File .heic
JPEG Network Graphics Image .jng
IrfanView RAS File .sun
JPEG Stereo .jps
Dialogic VOX file .mpo
3GPP2 Audio/Video .3gp2
ACDSee Pro 3 JPC Bild .j2c
LSM Bild .apng
Windows Media Audio/Video file .wmv
Video Clip .avi
Wave Sound .wav
MP4 Video .mp4
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .bw
ACDSee Pro 3 SGI Bild .rgba
Microsoft Flight Simulator Application .flt
Microsoft Digital Image Document .fpx
MP3 Format Sound .mp3
IrfanView CAM File .cam
HDMOV File .hdmov
ACDSee Pro 3 PIX Bild .pix
APC.BMP .2bp
DWG TrueView Drawing .dwg
MPEG4 file .mpv4
Paint Shop Pro 7 Image .gem
PoserContent .hrz
Alias/Wavefront RLE Image .rla
APC.RLA .rpf
APC.FLT .msk
APC.JPP .jpp
LView Pro Image File .lvp
ZBR vector image .zbr
APC.LIST .mfalist
APC.APCDOC .apcdoc
APC.ARW .ocr
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
dat .dat
TerraTec Language Support .lng
ACDSee Pro 3 IFF Bild .ilbm
JBIG Image .jbg
Broderbund Fax Cover .fax
PhotoStudio File .psf
MASM Listing .lst
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show .pps
ShowBiz File .sbz
MPEG-4 File .m4e
MPEG Media .mps
Serif PhotoPlus Picture .spp

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