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Adobe Reader 9.2
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Name Extension
Adobe Acrobat Forms Document .xfdf
Adobe Acrobat Forms Document .fdf
Adobe Acrobat XML Data Package File .xdp
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Rights Management Document .rmf
Adobe Acrobat Catalog Index .pdx
Adobe DRM Activation File .edn
EBX Transfer Data File (7.0) .etd
XFDL Document .xfd
WIBU PDF auto file .wibupdf
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Table .dbf
Portable Voice Format File .pvf
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document .pvd
ASP.NET Server Page .aspx
Microsoft Office Word Document .docx
Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document .doc
OpenDocument Text .odt
Adobe SWC PPDF .ppdf
Sit StuffIt Archive .sit
WinRAR archive .gz
IconDeveloper File .dll
Adobe Acrobat PDFXML Document .pdfxml
Sealed Acrobat Document .spdf
Server Response File .srf
Adobe.DigitalEditions File .epub
Vuze Download .torrent
dat .dat
Compressed (zipped) Folder .zip
OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods
Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet .xlsx
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Slide Show .ppsx
Encapsulated PostScript .eps
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf-backup
HTML Document .htm
Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File .csv
Windows Script File .wsf
PDS File .pds
SWF Movie .swf
Text Document .dic
JPEG Image .jpeg
Cursor File .cur
Adobe Illustrator Artwork 14.0 .ai
PDF手元非表示印刷定義(サイレント) .pd1
W02Tax File .pd2
Secure Audio .sm3
Maya Binary File .mb
Paradox Table .db
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File .tif
Outlook Item .msg
Adobe Photoshop Image 11 .psd
Flash AS Communication File .asc
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation .ppt
XPS Document .oxps
Windows Media Player .bup
Write Document .wri
Registration Entries .reg
JPEG Image .jpg
Safari Extension .webarchive
Windows Media Player .386
VisiTrax Library .ldb
Nintendo 3d Model File .bdl
Partial Download .partial
WinRAR archive .rar
Quicken QDF data file .qdf
Nero Digital(TM) Files .nd
Adobe Acrobat Document .pdf+
TurboTax 2020 Document .tax2020
WinZip File .mim
Adobe PDF Settings .joboptions
Paint.NET Image .pdn
Thunderbird Document .eml
There Login Data .tlg
TextBridge Document .txd
Scheduled Download List .dnl
Dialogic VOX file .man
Max JSON .json
Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet .xls
XPS Document .xps
PHP Script .php
Virtual CloneDrive .udf
Quicken OFX data .qfx
Dialogic VOX file .mpo
VLC media file (.cue) .cue
VLC media file (.flv) .flv
Crystal Reports .rpt
Rich Text Format .rtf
GIF Image .gif
PowerList台帳ファイル .dwl
Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 6.0 Chart .abc
Windows Media Player .log-201894
Windows Media Player .log-20181027
Windows Media Player .log-2018918
tabview2 .bjo
Dialogic VOX file .tab
HP Printer Control Language .prn
ActionOutline Document .ao
テキスト ドキュメント .pmp
Navicat for MySQL Import Profile .npi
Outlook Express Mail Box .dbx
JASSPA Backup File .~
TurboTax 2014 Document .tax2014
IrfanView HEIC File .heic
IFP1KHistory Document .ifp1kaccount
Datawork Database File .hdb
PC5 Map File .pvm
Acronis True Image Backup Archive .tib
Virtual Disk .vhd
Microsoft Rights Managed HTML Document .rpmsg
Photo Flash Maker Project File .psm
Print Shop Ready Made .srm
Safari Download .download
Netscape Theme or Extension Package .xpi
Windows Media Player .sfcache
ATEasy System .sys
File Association Manager .njb
File Association Manager .numbers
TaxCalc R40 2004 - Backup .rb4
eCopy Document .cpy
XPS Document .easmx
HTML Document .html
iCalendar File .ics
Text Document .log
MASM Listing .lst
MHTML Document .mht
MHTML Document .mhtml
QuickTime Movie .mov
.SpiderSolitaireSave-ms .spidersolitairesave-ms
VLC media file (.bin) .bin
InDesign Document .indd
Able RAWer (TIFF) .dcr
Palm Database File .pdb
Secure RealAudio / RealVideo File .rms
TarFile .rpm
Broderbund Label .lbl
Quicken Import File .qif
SVG Document .svg
Adobe Acrobat Batch PDX files .bpdx
Text Document .txt
Roger Wilco Audio .rwa
.XLSM file .pages
File Association Manager .sequ
Photodex Presenter Show .px
Shortcut to MS-DOS Program .pif
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 7.0 Image .cpt
StuffIt Compressed File .1
PEC File .pec

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