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What is qbw32.exe? QBW32.EXE?

Vendor:      Intuit Inc.
Product:     QuickBooks
Vendor Website:     
Last Seen by PC Matic:      No Data

Process is Bad PC Matic has analyzed this process and determined that there is a high likelihood that it is bad.
Process is questionablePC Matic has analyzed this process and determined that the safety of this process is questionable.
Process is goodPC Matic has analyzed this process and determined that there is a high likelihood that it is good.
Process is goodThis process is a Microsoft or Windows process, but many viruses use this file name to escape notice.

Purpose: QBW32.EXE -

qbw32.exe is returning insufficient information about this program.

qbw32.exe is known to be a bad process. Learn more about protecting your PC from these bad processes with PC Matic.
qbw32.exe could be a harmful process. Learn more about protecging your PC from these potential harmful processes with PC Matic.
This information brought to you by PC Matic. PC Matic's real-time protection, Super Shield, blocks ALL bad and unknown threats to keep your PC secure.
qbw32.exe is a Microsoft or Windows process but some versions of this exe carry viruses.
Learn more about protecting yourself from bad versions of this file with PC Matic.

Percentage of recently scanned PC's with this process running: 0.16%
Average CPU use for this program: 0%
Average RAM for this program: 64 MB

Program Name MD5 Count

MD5 Hashes

# Status MD5 Revision Name Size
1 Status 0x8ed8eda60a8afb5c4776d4b66fa3ca6f 11/9/2016 3:31:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1109 KB
2 Status 0xa54c643f492b29f78ffb8e8ceb20888a 4/19/2016 10:01:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1151 KB
3 Status 0x51c6511cc2f1b6e6b92c26f2900a65b5 10/14/2014 10:41:00 PM Unknown 10.0D R8 QuickBooks 2345 KB
4 Status 0xd6a7c239ed5972958de91cabc46c9c7c 12/24/2013 5:32:00 AM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1186 KB
5 Status 0x4d79fd77deff5bd783fc8776b4af8938 8/11/2012 5:09:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1119 KB
6 Status 0x53c31357b4072c1d03d7e0442b1accda 5/28/2012 8:55:00 AM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1109 KB
7 Status 0x847da559f396ece42d62aedd559bb1d1 1/10/2012 9:44:00 PM Unknown 8.0D R1 QuickBooks 2388 KB
8 Status 0x10a22ce552bcc677920a32ed01ab0cee 10/3/2011 7:57:00 AM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1151 KB
9 Status 0x81644063bba6990d31c3f1c16b51be2b 8/28/2011 2:49:00 PM Unknown 18.0D R1 QuickBooks 1109 KB
10 Status 0xe3971e7413c44703b2740ec5f3f7b53f 8/19/2011 10:49:00 PM Unknown 15.0D R11 QuickBooks 3038 KB
11 Status 0x6476be98a76611567bdd2b1204836fd3 8/19/2011 2:36:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 4425 KB
12 Status 0xff05f97c89e5ef3034b5067f0e1368ab 5/27/2011 5:40:00 PM Unknown 13.0D R1 QuickBooks 2636 KB
13 Status 0xd5f7277de80a38945230872a792fb3c8 5/16/2011 12:24:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1488 KB
14 Status 0x66f00bf51472a8ad29a6239d79105548 4/4/2011 11:36:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 4425 KB
15 Status 0x40af745f8ec85202f754713b3017a896 3/8/2011 8:25:00 PM Unknown 15.0D R1 QuickBooks 3017 KB
16 Status 0xb92e92713b6d811c77f36f270b0d0d35 3/4/2011 9:15:00 PM Unknown 13.0D R11 QuickBooks 2637 KB
17 Status 0xaa61d89cdd968d75b2dcc19b4849ff3f 3/3/2011 7:08:00 PM Unknown 15.0D R9 QuickBooks 3034 KB
18 Status 0x8df857f63333989bab0e313402e40ef7 2/5/2011 4:10:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1109 KB
19 Status 0xf66c4b8b448cff12b5beb829ed3923c2 1/27/2011 7:16:00 PM Unknown 16.0D R6 QuickBooks 3522 KB
20 Status 0x5ef40f6bb5bd6a676660301443b92c92 1/14/2011 5:24:00 PM Unknown 12.0D R10 QuickBooks 1589 KB
21 Status 0x4222d860c9c1d1f5393cce6ab416e654 1/10/2011 4:29:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 4301 KB
22 Status 0x9467e8daf59ba7c13e7dc91bf7be38db 1/9/2011 2:53:00 AM Unknown 12.0D R1 QuickBooks 1573 KB
23 Status 0xae3bc1b35994cffcb7a91381e8f1f8d3 1/8/2011 2:37:00 AM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1118 KB
24 Status 0x657e8deb2c1aaaefb011a9c3339f3675 1/7/2011 7:28:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 1109 KB
25 Status 0x73a250fbbb65661a851e4621b66d35b7 12/4/2010 1:22:00 PM Unknown Unknown QuickBooks 4387 KB

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