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Welcome to the PC Matic Software Update Library. We maintain an extensive list of common processes, drivers, and file extensions running on today’s PCs. Within this library you can learn more about the software and processes running on your machine.

Welcome to the new PC Matic Libraries

Welcome to the PC Matic Libraries. We have extensive lists of the most common processes, the most recent drivers, and programs to open almost any file. Use the libraries for PC purchase research, downloading free applications, and updating your PC drivers all from one site.

PC Matic's Top 25

Top 25 Running Processes

iexplore.exe - Internet Explorer
svchost.exe - Service host process
EXPLORER.EXE - Windows Explorer
lsass.exe - Local Security Authority
services.exe - Service control process
spoolsv.exe - Print spooler
winlogon.exe - Legitimate WinLogon
SMSS.EXE - Session Manager SubSystem
ctfmon.exe - Speech
jusched.exe - Sun Java Update
jqs.exe - Java(TM) Quick Starter Service
RUNDLL32.EXE - (Various)
wuauclt.exe - Windows Update
wuauclt.exe - Windows Update
ccsvchst.exe - Symantec Service Framework
ccSvcHst.exe - Symantec Service Framework
chrome.exe - Google Chrome
SearchProtocolHost.exe - SearchProtocolHost
Ati2evxx.exe - ATI Hotkey Utility
avgtray.exe - AVGTRAY
Dwm.exe - Dwm.exe
msseces.exe - Microsoft Security Essentials
SearchProtocolHost.exe - SearchProtocolHost.exe
GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe - GoogleToolbarNotifier
MsMpEng.exe - Windows Defender

Top 25 Malicious Processes

winlogon.exe - WinLogon trojan
jusched.exe - Troj/Banker-BOV
10aba34-5619.tmp - 10aba34-5619.tmp
CDProxyServ.exe - XCP.Sony.Rootkit
svchost.exe - svchost trojan/virus
VistaDrive.exe - VistaDrive
$hp2F63.tmp - $hp2F63.tmp
csrss.exe - Agobot virus
qttask.exe - Win32.Drugtob
SearchSettings.exe - Search Settings
services.exe - Backdoor trojan
F0C7.exe - F0C7.exe
$sys$DRMServer.exe - XCP DRM
VVSN.exe - WhenU ClockSync
flashget.exe - FlashGet
spoolsv.exe - Win32.Rbot.WO
winsys2.exe - winsys2
rphelperapp.exe - rphelperapp.exe
8ECAA.exe - 8ECAA.exe
Explorer.EXE - Virus ** Read **
lsass.exe - Possible Virus ** Read **
msmsgs.exe - Possible Virus ** Read **
gtbcheck.exe - gtbcheck.exe
105ac750-5016.tmp - 105ac750-5016.tmp
485E.exe - 485E.exe

Top 25 Unwanted Processes

jusched.exe - Sun Java Update
jqs.exe - Java(TM) Quick Starter Service
Ati2evxx.exe - ATI Hotkey Utility
hkcmd.exe - Intel Hotkeys
HPWuSchd2.exe - HP software update
igfxpers.exe - Intel(R) Common User Interface
realsched.exe - realsched
igfxsrvc.exe - User Interface
ASCTray.exe - Advanced System Care
MSMSGS.EXE - Windows Messenger (Old Version)
igfxtray.exe - Intel Graphics
ToolbarUpdater.exe - ToolbarUpdater
Updater.exe - Updater
AdobeARM.exe - Adobe Reader adn Acrobat Manager
DivXUpdate.exe - DivX Update
netsession_win.exe - netsession_win
SOUNDMAN.EXE - Realtek Sound Manager
realsched.exe - Realplayer - Schedule
nvtray.exe - NVIDIA Settings
GrooveMonitor.exe - Groove Monitor
CLMLSvc.exe - CyberLink MediaLibray Service
PDVDServ.exe - PowerDVD RC Service
atiptaxx.exe - ATI taskbar icon
TurboVHELP.exe - TurboVHELP
qttask.exe - QuickTime Icon

Top 25 Memory Hog Processes

minirosetta_3.20_windows_x86_64.exe... - minirosetta_3.20_windows_x86_64.exe...
PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe - PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe
opera.exe - opera.exe
carboniteservice.exe - carboniteservice.exe
firefox.exe - Mozilla Firefox
opera.exe - Opera browser
MSN.EXE - MSN Internet
wyzo.exe - wyzo.exe
Picasa3.exe - Picasa3.exe
VpxClient.exe - VpxClient.exe
Azureus.exe - Azureus.exe
Eudora.exe - Eudora Mail Client
360se.exe - 360se.exe
UmxEngine.exe - UmxEngine.exe
OUTLOOK.EXE - Outlook email
aolbrowser.exe - aolbrowser.exe
Origin.exe - Origin.exe
VegasMovieStudioPE100.exe - VegasMovieStudioPE100.exe
thunderbird.exe - thunderbird.exe
Defraggler.exe - Defraggler.exe
MailWasherPro.exe - MailWasherPro.exe
wlmail.exe - Windows Live Mail
msn.exe - msn.exe
iTunes.exe - iTunes.exe
nlnotes.exe - nlnotes.exe
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