Safeguard Your Devices from
Modern Security Threats

PC Matic provides peace of mind by protecting your home devices against the latest threats
like ransomware, viruses, identity theft and more.

Prevent Ransomware and More with
Proactive Business Security

PC Matic provides easy-to-deploy, zero-trust protection for organizations of all sizes against
rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Business Security That Provides Peace of Mind

Most cyber attacks target small businesses. Hassle-free protection is a click away.
Cybersecurity for Small Business
Small Business
Secure Your Workforce
A cost-effective solution towards preventing ransomware and devastating privacy breaches.
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Endpoint Security and Data Protection Software
Keep Your Users Safe
Deliver network security, threat-monitoring and remote management from the cloud.
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Award-Winning Cybersecurity

Don't just take our word for it, the awards keep piling up
AV-TEST Best Advanced Protection
AV-TEST Best Performance
AV-TEST Certified Advanced Protection Against Ransomware

Cybersecurity Solutions to Fit Every Need


Guard Against Even the Most Sophisticated Cyber Threats

PC Matic's Application Allowlisting is the most effective security software solution to prevent ransomware
Zero-Trust Application Allowlisting

Our cybersecurity innovations continue to lead the industry with a company that is 100% USA based and fulfilling our mission; provide industry-leading computer, mobile device and business endpoint security that is affordable and easy to manage for everyone.

PC Matic leverages patented technology to offer industry-best protection for your devices. SuperShield, our real-time protection allowlisting component, deploys a default-deny approach blocking all unknown applications from running without causing headaches or slowdowns. This is made possible by our global list of known good applications and patented digital signature technology.

More than 3 million satisfied customers have used PC Matic products and are now worry-free
PC Matic has scanned and protected over 100 million applications and devices
Over 100k business endpoints have used PC Matic Pro to secure their IT infrastructure
Award-Winning Security for Your Whole Family
Say goodbye to malware, invasive website ads and security that slows down your devices
We Thrive on Innovation

PC Matic's mission is to continue advancing the Cyber Security industry, providing leading security solutions for every vertical that are affordable and easy to use.

Join the PC Matic Team

Live your best life at PC Matic. Employees work 100% remote from the comfort of their homes with flexible hours and a comprehensive benefit package.

Family Protection

We're not your typical antivirus. PC Matic offers award-winning security for your whole family that won't break the bank. You can protect up to 5 devices for only $50/year! Say goodbye to malware, invasive website ads, and security that slows down your computer. PC Matic's 100% American Made software is a game-changer.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Deploying a default-deny computer security layer at the device blocks all unknown executions without introducing headaches for IT. Our global list of known good programs easily allows 99.9% of your applications with the ability to supplement in seconds from your cloud console. Our Zero Trust Cyber-Protection prevents hacking, malware, ransomware, and viruses, completely shielding your users, devices, and networks from cyber threats.