How is Whitelisting an improvement over traditional AV Software?

Traditional security software uses a blacklist approach; which is a list of all known malicious files, and prevents them from running.

Unfortunately, this list changes day-by-day, perhaps even minute-by-minute. Thus making it impossible to keep it up to date. With this approach, there will always be a victim. In order for a bad file to be identified, it infected someone, somewhere.

With whitelisting, there is no victim. Only tested, safe programs and files can run. Simple as that.

Why is this more important than ever?

One word, ransomware. Ransomware has taken the world by storm, and the epidemic isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The only way to effectively block ransomware is with whitelisting technology.

The United States government and cyber security experts have expressed how the use of whitelisting technology can effectively help prevent a ransomware infection.

See how ransomware is quickly spreading across the U.S. in these recent news articles relating to ransomware attacks.

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What is SuperShield?

SuperShield is a proprietary real time security technology designed to take maximum advantage of Cloud Computing to keep your PC safe from online threats. SuperShield has access to the traditional blacklist, but in addition, also uses the industry's only whitelist. SuperShield blocks everything not identified on the whitelist, and sends a notification to the user that the software has been blocked.

The user, if they wish to truly run the software, can go into advanced mode to allow the software to run. Or the user can wait, as all blocked applications are sent to our malware research team and categorized as either safe or malicious within 24 hours.

Using this unique paradigm plus Cloud Computing has allowed us to give you what we believe is the best real time protection on the market.

SuperShield protection is included with all PC Matic security products.

Whitelisting - the Proof is in the Press!

Whitelist Testimonials

Application Whitelisting should be an integral component of a defense-in-depth solution."

- Department of Homeland Security

Application whitelisting is surely one of the reliable solutions available today..."

- Colin McHugo, Director at Quantum Forensic Investigations

Utilize application "whitelisting," which allows only specific programs to run on your computer. This will prevent malicious programs from running on your computer."

- USA Today

Application whitelisting is one of the best security strategies as it allows only specified programs to run, while blocking all others, including malicious software."

- US Computer Emergency Readiness Team

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Instead of using what our competitors use, an archaic blacklist approach, PC Matic uses a proprietary whitelisting technology for real-time protection against ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), polymorphic viruses and zero-day attacks.

PC Matic provides superior security protection over all security products, free or otherwise, on the market. On top of that, PC Matic keeps your computers running at peak performance even after years of use.