Customer: Coconut Wireless Network

Industry: Gaming/Streaming Service

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Many of our gamers/streamers turn to the CWN team for tech support and security advice. This is where PC Matic comes in with its amazing technologies and support. ”

- Tayler Fernandez CEO, Coconut Wireless Network

Coconut Wireless Network: Gaming and Streaming Services Uses PC Matic to Prevent Ransomware

Tayler Fernandez, Coconut Wireless Network, CEO: “I've been using PC Matic for a while now with another company and decided to open up my own gaming/streaming company. I had worked for Island Network Solution (INS) as the Lead Technician and had been through a lot of good experiences using PC Matic for system security. When we didn't use it, we had some pretty bad intrusions.

I can definitely say that with my own team's PC Matic MSP Partnership, I am confident that application allowlisting solutions are the best at preventing ransomware, and we really like that the software is completely developed in the USA."

How did you become a PC Matic MSP Partner?

“A ransomware experience I had with a client has made me a dedicated supporter of PC Matic's whitelist technology. While working for Island Network Solutions (INS), a client who was using another antivirus product for server protection was hit by a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, before the server attack, PC Matic Pro did not make it onto the client's list among the security products to install.

Although they knew about PC Matic's Whitelist Technology, they saw whitelisting as an "inconvenience" to their staff. So, at the client's request we trusted MS defender instead. Well, six months later, they experienced a ransomware attack on the servers.

Regular antivirus products are not enough!

The cyber attack with ransomware was from the Exchange zero day exploit back in January. It was the worst experience I went through, and I was extremely upset at myself and the company for allowing this to happen. I should've been more firm about the importance of whitelisting and the reason for using PC Matic's sensitive Supershield Whitelist as an anti-ransomware solution. Not installing PC Matic Pro for the client, using a regular antivirus product instead, the mistake of allowing RDP on the servers created an opening for a ransomware attack.

Fortunately, we had encryption backups and restored the client within a couple days. Now, I strongly recommend a whitelisting solution and the PC Matic supershield is the best thing that I've seen in years, especially with its active whitelisting. Many of our gamers/streamers turn to CWN team for tech support and security advice. This is where PC Matic MSP comes in with its amazing technologies and support.

The CWN team and I would like to thank you and the PC Matic team for your amazing service and support. A credit card is on file and ready to be charged. Mahalo, Tayler Fernandez.

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