Customer: Coconut Wireless Network

Industry: Gaming/Streaming Service

Location: San Francisco, CA

Many of our gamers/streamers turn to the CWN team for tech support and security advice. This is where PC Matic MSP comes in with its amazing technologies and support. ”

- Tayler Fernandez CEO, CWN

Coconut Wireless Network: Gaming and Streaming Services Uses PC Matic Pro to Prevent Ransomware

Taylor Fernandez, Coconut Wireless, CEO: “I've been using PC Matic for a while now with another company and decided to open up my own gaming/streaming company. I had worked for Island Network Solution (INS) as the Lead Technician and had been through a lot of good experiences using PC Matic for system security. When we didn't use it, we had some pretty bad intrusions.

I can definitely say that with my own team's PC Matic MSP Partnership, I am confident that application whitelisting solutions are the best at preventing ransomware, and we really like that the software is completely developed in the USA."

How did you become a PC Matic Pro MSP Partner?

“A ransomware experience I had with a client has made me a dedicated supporter of PC Matic's whitelist technology. While working for Island Network Solutions (INS), a client who was using another antivirus product for server protection was hit by a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, before the server attack, PC Matic Pro did not make it onto the client's list among the security products to install.

Although they knew about PC Matic's Whitelist Technology, they saw whitelisting as an "inconvenience" to their staff. So, at the client's request we trusted MS defender instead. Well, six months later, they experienced a ransomware attack on the servers.

Regular antivirus products are not enough!

The cyber attack with ransomware was from the Exchange zero day exploit back in January. It was the worst experience I went through, and I was extremely upset at myself and the company for allowing this to happen. I should've been more firm about the importance of whitelisting and the reason for using PC Matic's sensitive Supershield Whitelist as an anti-ransomware solution. Not installing PC Matic Pro for the client, using a regular antivirus product instead, the mistake of allowing RDP on the servers created an opening for a ransomware attack.

Fortunately, we had encryption backups and restored the client within a couple days. Now, I strongly recommend a whitelisting solution and the PC Matic supershield is the best thing that I've seen in years, especially with its active whitelisting. Many of our gamers/streamers turn to CWN team for tech support and security advice. This is where PC Matic MSP comes in with its amazing technologies and support.

The CWN team and I would like to thank you and the PC Matic team for your amazing service and support. A credit card is on file and ready to be charged. Mahalo, Tayler Fernandez.

PC Matic Business Cybersecurity

Protecting Business Owners' Servers from Cybersecurity Threats

Business Antivirus Software, Cybersecurity and the Best Ransomware Protection.
PC Matic PRO helps business owners such as Coconut Wirless Network to prevent cyber-attacks on business servers especially ransomware threats by preventing hackers from getting into business computer systems using advanced Application Whitelisting Anti-Ransomware which protects servers, wireless devices, routers, laptops, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android phones and tablets, financial transactions, Internet of Things, and network endpoints.

Application Whitelisting Solutions. Only Application Whitelisting Security Software can prevent ransomware attacks, cyber-intrustions, unauthorized access, and advanced malware infections before they breach a server or network.

Cyber Incidents including ransomware and ATP's - advanced targeted persistent attacks against digital business assets on-premises and in the cloud are growing. Only Whitelisting Application Security can prevent the latest kinds of sophisticated malware attacks launched by hackers that target business servers, networks, IoT devices, laptops, ecommerce stores, endpoint devices, and weakly protected IT systems.

Cybercriminals are intent on gaining unauthorized acces to obstruct critical operations, steal financial data, credit card numbers, sensitive customer data, and to ransom personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security, debit and credit card numbers, banking account info, and to use the data to propogate more cyber-attacks.

Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) on Businesses

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a well-planned, highly targeted cyber-attack on a business in which a cybercriminal gains access to the computer system and remains undetected for a long period of time until they initiate their cyber-attack. APT attacks are launched to steal or ransom data needed to run the business rather than cause damage to the target company's computer, server or network.

Persistent Targeted Ransomware Attacks on Business Networks. With persistent targeted ransom attacks, staff, IT administrators, or entire company departments may be unaware their servers or computers have been hacked and infected with malware. Hackers and ransomware gangs are increasingly targeting business digital assets to shut down operations, steal company and customer data, and ransom sensitive or critical data for profit.

The business security solution to prevent hacking of a company's computer system for ransom is for IT administrators to use Application Whitelisting as part of a "layered defence" to cybersecurity. Application Whitelisting Solutions works together with Application Blacklisting Solutions, and endpoint security software to protect a company's network, servers, endpoint devices, credit card transactions, customer records and data.

What is an Application Whitelist?

An Application Whitelist is a list of applications and program files that are authorized for use on a company's servers. PC Matic application whitelisting technologies use automated whitelists to control which applications are permitted to execute on a device, server or network.

Whitelisting Software for Business and Small Business with strict application control prevents access to cybercriminals, malware, spyware, Trojans, zero-day exploits, polymorphous viruses, fileless malware infections and ransomware. Explore the best security software for business.

PC Matic is the leading Application Whitelisting Vendor for business in the US. Contact PC Matic Cybersecurity Services for more information.

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