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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and running at peak performance.

In a world where we learn daily of critical breaches and hacks, the world needs better security. Our products deliver the highest quality of security and IT management to provide our customers with Better Security, More Productivity and Powerful Automation in a Secure, Fast and Simple manner.

Endpoint Suite


PC Matic PRO Endpoint Suite is a comprehensive IT platform that effectively secures business users and data while making systems more productive and reliable with scheduled maintenance including patch management and robust performance tools.

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The Industry’s only 3-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access to web properties and networks. This tool will put a stop to fraud and risks of infrastructure breaches, giving you the ability to lock down the attacker's device until the user is verified.

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PC Matic PRO Security is the Superior Endpoint Protection - Our technology includes the world’s only endpoint Whitelist. The Whitelist provides advanced protection against (advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, ransomware, and polymorphic viruses.

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PC Matic PRO Performance is total automation of endpoint maintenance with powerful optimization for applications, Windows and networks settings. Consistently adding new features and improving reliability, so PC Matic PRO Performance gets better over time.

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Driver Management


PC Matic PRO Driver Management is the world’s largest comprehensive collection of hardware drivers. PC Matic PRO Driver Management is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to ensure all of your endpoints start fast and stay fast at all times. Click the button below to learn more.

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Patch Management


PC Matic PRO Patch Management automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers secure with the latest important security patches and software updates. You can focus on your daily tasks, knowing your endpoints are secure and updated.

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Learn how you can prevent, detect, and respond to modern cyber attacks with PC Matic PRO.


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See detailed examples of how PC Matic PRO has kept small businesses secure and efficient.