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Business Networks and Educational Institutions are a cyber criminal's dream.

They have thousands of individuals connecting to a singular network. Small Business and Enterprise can have hundreds to thousands of endpoint devices and email accounts. In K-12 and institutions of higher education, individuals include students and staff of all ages with varying levels of computer safety skills – so how can you train them on the red flags of hackers and cyber-crime?

PC Matic developed a six module cyber-safety series to create cybersecurity awareness.

In the cyber smart series, we focus on some core concepts – Email Security and Cyber Safety to combat "Phishing". Cyber criminals use email and text messages as the primary method of malware distribution to businesses, hospitals, utilities, government offices and schools.

By teaching employees, students and staff how to spot the red flags of suspicious emails, the threat of them clicking and unintentionally downloading a virus, keylogger or ransomware on the organizations's network decreases substantially. Watch the Email Security Video Series.

Cyber Incidents Require a Strong Cyber Defense

  • Cyber Breaches: Unauthorized disclosures, breaches or hacks resulting in the disclosure of sensitive personal data;
  • Ransomware Attacks: Unauthorized access by hackers to IT systems resulting in ransomware attacks on busineses, industry, health facilites, government, schools and school districts;
  • Phishing Email Attacks: Phishing attacks resulting in the disclosure of sensitive personal data and ransom of network data and files;
  • Denial of Service Attacks (DDos): Server, web and application attacks resulting in down server time and loss of computer network services;
  • Hacker Intrusions: Cybercriminal malicious script attacks and exploits resulting in business disruptions, extortion and unauthorized data disclosures.

Keeping Business and Industry Safe.

The use of Zero-Trust Security Software, also known as Application Allowlisting is the best cyber defense. If a program isn't on the white list, it is blocked, period.

Whitelisting prevents breaches and malware attacks such as ransomware from occuring in the first place. Additonal email and phone number whitelists enhance email and data security.

Stop cybercriminals from accessing your data. Get complete control of your networks and stop living in fear of the next malware or ransomware attack. Application and network whitelisting tools are designed so that businesses, federal agencies, healthcare and academic institutions can control precisely what applications run on their servers and networks.

Contact the cybersecurity professionals at PC Matic to learn more about our Suite of Cyber Security Tools and Application Control using Whitelisting.

Keeping Students and Staff Cyber Smart and Cyber Safe.

The K-12 Cyber Incidents have been significantly increasing in U.S. K-12 public schools and districts since 2016. Use the cyber safety training modules below to help students to understand cyber hygiene best practices especially when it comes to managing email and text messaging. Read more about Cybersecurity Solutions for Schools.

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To get the most out of these six modules, we ask that you do them all in order. There is a short quiz at the end of the sixth module to score your cyber smarts.