First Baptist Church of Norfolk

Industry: Missionary Church

Location: Norfolk, VA

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We have PC Matic Pro installed here, and it’s been working like a dream ever since we got it.”

- Javier Montanez, IT Manager, First Baptist Church of Norfolk

The Scope of First Baptist Church of Norfolk

At an average First Baptist Church of Norfolk Sunday service, you’ll find 2500 people sitting in the congregation, up to 1000 of which, are connected to the church’s network. In addition to their megachurch-status member base, the First Baptist of Norfolk runs outreach missions that touch the corners of the globe. Javier Montanez, IT Manager at First Baptist Church of Norfolk, spoke with us about how PC Matic Pro keeps their 100+ endpoint network secure, and running at peak performance.

Why the Switch?

“We had been using PC Pitstop Optimize for, I don’t know, we had a version that we ran for about 5 or 6 years, back with Windows XP. We loaded Windows 7 on the PCs and we upgraded to the new version [of Optimize] and ran that, and it cleaned our computers so well and made them run so much smoother,” Javier explained. “We were paying a yearly license for our anti-threat, anti-virus, malware etc., and also for PC Pitstop’s Optimize product. It was just time to look at them together, and hands-down, the pricing and the value, it really came down to just dropping Trend Micro and taking on PC Matic Pro.”

Favorite Feature of PC Matic Pro

“My favorite feature is probably the installation, just because of how long it took with the Trend Micro product. It was just ridiculous how long it took to install that stuff, but with this, just download and run it, let it do it’s thing and reboot. And the fact that the dashboard was online... That was just so beneficial to be anywhere and be able to manage the system. As soon as that popped up I was like, ‘Wait a minute, hold on. Did you say that has a web dashboard? I’m sold. I’m done.”

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