Dawes County Sheriff's Office

Industry: Police Department

Location: Chadron, NE

Previous Security: Symantec, AVG

We cannot afford to have much of the information we have on our computers, accessed or damaged. And ransomware... The last thing we need is anything like that. So I was looking for something I could trust.”

- Karl Dailey, Dawes County Sheriff

It's All About Protection and Service

At PC Matic, we understand the importance of securing and maintaining smooth operation for the people that depend on us. With nearly 10,000 citizens depending on Dawes County Police to protect them, and keep things running smoothly, Sheriff Karl Dailey understands that too. When it comes to security and productivity, Dawes County Sheriff ’s Department depends on PC Matic Pro to keep their endpoints secure, maintained and up-to-date.

Making the Switch to Better Cybersecurity

Before PC Matic Pro was available, Sheriff Dailey was using Symantec, then switched to AVG. “My computer guy put Malwarebytes on one of the machines, and it came up with like 3000 bad things; things that were not being caught by Symantec or AVG. Now that we have Pro, I still have Malwarebytes on some of the machines. I run it periodically, and it always comes up zero.” Karl continued, “I love it. The price is fantastic. I get great protection; especially working with tax dollars.”

Since PC Matic Pro

Sheriff Karl Dailey, on PC Matic Pro: “As most people know, the internet is ripe with hazards. Because of the nature of how we use our computers, for very detailed and personal information, we needed to protect it as best we could. I had PC Matic at home, and it did a great job. I never had a problem with any of my computers so I wanted to give it a try on my office ones. I’m tickled to death with it. I really like it. We’ve had zero problems with our machines, since we put it on.”

PC Matic Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting Law Enforcement Agency Computer Networks

Police Department Antivirus Software, Cybersecurity and Ransomware Protection. PC Matic PRO helps law enforcement agencies and police departments like the Dawes County Sheriff's Office to stop hackers and prevent cyber-attacks. Application Allowlisting Anti-Ransomware protects police administration IT networks, officers' laptops, devices, servers and network endpoints.

Zero Trust Whitelisting Solutions. Only Application Allowlisting cybersecurity can prevent ransomware attacks and malware infections before they penetrate a network.

Cyber threats including ransomware and advanced targeted persistent attacks against our nation's law enforcement agencies are increasing. Only Whitelisting Application Solutions can prevent these kinds of advanced malware attacks launched by cybercriminals that specifically target law enforcement computer networks, endpoint devices, and IT departments.

Cybercriminals are intent on disrupting policing operations, stealing sensitive data, and ransoming government records including officer and administration personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, etc.

Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a targeted cyber-attack in which a hacker gains access to the network and remains undetected for a long period of time until they initiate their attack. APT attacks are launched to steal or ransom data rather than cause damage to the target organization's servers or network.

Persistent Targeted Ransomware Attacks on Police Departments. With persistent targeted ransom attacks, departments may be unaware for quite some time that their servers or IT network have been compromised or hacked into. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting police stations and sherff's offices and other governmental munipality IT assets to disrupt operation, steal and ransom confidential data for financial gain.

The best cyber security solution to prevent hacking of law enforcement IT systems for ransom is for department IT administrators to use Application Allowlisting as part of a layered approach to cybersecurity. Application Allowlisting works together with Application Blacklisting, and endpoint antivirus software to completely secure a department's network, officer devices, IoT devices, endpoints and servers.

What is an Application Whitelist?

An Application Whitelist is a list of applications and program files that are authorized for use on an organization's servers. PC Matic application allowlisting technologies use automated whitelists to control which applications are permitted to execute on a device, server or network.

Whitelisting Software Solutions with strict application control completely prevent access to hackers, malware, spyware, trojans, zero-day exploits, polymorphous viruses, fileless infections and ransomware. Explore the best application allowlisting solution for government offices.

PC Matic is the leading Application Allowlisting Vendor for law enforcement agencies in the US. Contact PC Matic Professional IT Security Services for more information.

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