PC Matic Survey Finds Majority of Americans Lack Confidence in U.S. Federal Government’s Cybersecurity Preparedness

Report summarizes findings from survey of nearly 1,400 Americans from all 50 states; Finds majority of Americans lack confidence in the U.S. Federal Government and its ability to defend itself from a cyber-attack; Analyzes and ranks public opinion of state governments and their cybersecurity preparedness

Myrtle Beach, SC – Today, American cybersecurity firm, PC Matic, released the findings of a public opinion survey which sought to understand public opinion of cybersecurity as it relates to state and federal government preparedness and practices.

The report, entitled “Americans on Cybersecurity,” presents the results of a nationally distributed survey by which nearly 1,400 Americans, representing all 50 states, responded. The findings, which were gathered in March 2021, signal that a majority of Americans lack confidence in government institutions and their abilities to defend themselves from cyber-threats.

Key findings from the report are as follows:

  • 57% of Americans responded that they do not believe the United States Federal Government is prepared to defend itself from cyber threats
  • Nearly 61% of Americans believe the federal government should be doing more to protect American citizens from cyber threats
  • 46% of IT professionals lack confidence in the United States Government’s ability to defend itself against a cyber attack
  • Just over 40% of Americans would like to see the United States Congress pass cybersecurity-related legislation
  • Only a quarter of Americans believe Congress needs to allocate more funding to preventing cybersecurity attacks

“It is imperative that Americans have confidence in their government’s ability to defend itself against cyber threats,” said Rob Cheng, CEO and Founder of PC Matic. “Cybersecurity is the most imminent threat to our national security, and considering the findings of this survey, it’s important systems be reworked to provide better security and to instill more confidence from the public.”

More results and the full report may be found here.

More information on PC Matic may be found here.