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How do I get rid of popups?


Select an Operating System:


Click the button below to download the Adware Removal Tool:

Once downloaded, open the Adware Removal Tool by double-clicking on the file.

  1. Click Scan
  2. After the scan, click OK on the message
  3. In the results window, click on the Clean button to remove the found items
  4. After the tool is done cleaning, click on on the links to reset the browsers for each on installed on your computer, including Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox

Next, run a Full PC Matic scan/clean.

  1. Open PC Matic
  2. Click on Options
  3. In the Scan Options tab, set the Quick/Full Malware Scan to Full
  4. Close the Options window
  5. Click on the Scan button

Be sure that you have the PC Matic Ad Blocker installed in all your browsers. To install, click the button below:


Select a browser:


To thoroughly remove the redirect and change the Safari settings back to default:

1) Open “System Preferences” and select “Profiles”. (If you do not have a “Profiles” option, skip to RESET SAFARI.)

2) Select any and delete any profiles listed by clicking the minus (-) icon at the bottom.

3) Once you’ve removed the profile(s), reboot the computer.



1) Open Safari and click on Safari > Preferences in the menu.

2) Click on the Extensions tab. In the left column, click on and uninstall any extensions you do not recognize.

3) Click on the Privacy tab, then click on Manage Website Date. Click on Remove All, then Remove Now. Click Done when complete.

4) Click on the Search tab and change the search engine to your preferred search engine.

5) Click on the General tab and change the homepage to your preferred homepage.

6) Close Safari and restart the computer.

For additional help, see the Apple support article below:


Updated on January 25, 2023

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