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How do I allow a URL through the PC Matic Ad Blocker?

The PC Matic ad blocker runs inside Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It is very simple to install and can provide a much better browsing experience free from ads and clutter. If a website you’re trying to browse to is not working properly while it is active or requires that you disable the adblocker, follow the steps below.

  1. While on the page that you want to allow through the ad blocker, look to the upper right-hand corner and find the green PC Matic shield.
  2. Click the shield icon and then click the blue power icon to disable the PC Matic ad blocker on that page.
  3. After you click that icon, refresh the page using the F5 key or by clicking the refresh button in your browser.

That’s it! The PC Matic ad blocker will no longer run when you visit that website in the future. If you ever want to enable it on that site again, just follow steps 1-3 again.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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