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Discussing and understanding cybersecurity issues with Rob Cheng, PC Matic CEO & Cyber Security Expert
SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Security Holes and How to Close Them, The Federal Government's Escalation Against Cyber-Attackers & Ransomware Makers

Rob Cheng Discusses The Federal Fight Against Cyber Warfare and more on The Liz Callaway Show.
AUGUST 20, 2021

The First $1 Billion Ransom Demand, Liability of Hacked Organizations, Application Whitelisting - The Hero We Need

Rob discusses how to protect computer systems from being hacked, Renner Brazil - the first $1 Billion Ransom, hospital systems breaches, DC police, Accenture consulting, T-Mobile hacked - "prepare for the worst", and the solution to ransomware - Application Whitelisting.
AUGUST 6, 2021

New Cybersecurity Regulations, Securing Critical Infrastructure, The End of Cybersecurity Insurance and more

Rob discusses cybersecurity regulation, evolving threats, how prepared federal agencies are to cope with cyber risks, passwords, securing critical infrastructure, and the likely discontinuance of cybersecurity insurance.
JULY 23, 2021

Internet Outages, The Kaseya Ransomware Saga, How to Prevent Ransomware, and PC Matic's NIST Partnership to Work on the Zero Trust Architecture Project

Rob and Liz discuss the latest ransomware attack on Kaseya, and the internet outage caused by Akamai and Oracle system disruptions. In addition, Rob announces PC Matic's partnership with NIST to work on their Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) project along with the biggest names in cybersecurity.
MAY 21, 2021

Cyber Insurance Firm Hit with Ransomware, Data Theft, Colonial Pipeline's Failure

Rob talks about CNA Financial, one of the largest insurance firms in the U.S. being hit by a sophisticated cybersecurity attack, cybercriminals stealing data for long term gains and Colonial Pipeline's failure in paying their ransom.
MAY 07, 2021

Washington's Failure to Catch Cyber Criminals and Cybersecurity Insurance

Rob Cheng debunks Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas' theory that ransomware has no silver bullet, failure of law enforcement agencies to bring cyber criminals to catch and bring cyber criminals to justice and whether or not small businesses need cybersecurity insurance.
APR 23, 2021

Ransomware in Schools, Prevention and Failed Security

Rob discusses Broward County Public Schools, one of the largest school systems in the country falling victim to a $40m ransomware attack, the importance of preventing attacks before they can happen and the rising costs of ransomware.
MAR 26, 2021

Cybersecurity Careers & The Latest Ransomware Attacks

As America looks to strengthen cyber infrastructure, Rob joins Liz and Nick on the Liz Callaway Show to discuss the future of jobs in the cybersecurity field. Rob fills us in on the newest successful ransomware attacks on banks, government agencies and American companies; including the largest cybersecurity insurance agency in the country.
FEB 26, 2021

Prevention, Passwords & Critical Infrastructure

IT staff caught a hack in a Florida water treatment plant before the damage could be done, but has it happened before? Rob talks prevention and passwords. Plus, what’s the update on the SolarWinds hack, and what the government needs to do to help with the ransomware war.
DEC 18, 2020

A New Wind For Hacking

Rob shares his tips for financially safe online shopping during the holiday season. Liz shifts into a discussion on the SolarWinds Hack. Rob breaks down how it worked its way into the federal government and private business. Finally, he discusses how the SolarWinds breach happened and what it means for the future of cybersecurity.
APR 3, 2020

The COVID Scams

Rob announces the addition of PC Matic Federal and the work he’s been doing with the federal government. He gives Liz a breakdown of the FBI warnings surrounding emerging COVID-19 scams, including the new threat of “Zoom Bombing.” Plus, what do Americans need to do to increase their at home security and keep their companies safe from hackers?
MAR 20, 2020

Merry “March” Christmas; A Gift From PC Matic

Rob joins Liz remotely for the first COVID-19 episode to discuss PC Matic’s offer to cover remote workers. With the American workforce learning to work from home, security is a major concern. Rob explains why you need to be extra careful now that you’re answering emails from your couch, and how PC Matic can help.
FEB 11, 2020

We Deserve Better

The scope of the Experian breach was vast. Rob gives Liz a short history of cybersecurity in America to show how this has been happening for years. They delve into prevention and how the industry is failing American businesses. Finally, Rob and Liz discuss the Russian antivirus and election security.
FEB 7, 2020

When Ransomware Attacks

Liz is shocked to find an over 300% increase in ransomware in 2019. Rob explains the need for better protection, and the real world repercussions of an attack. Rob and Liz discuss how someone executes a ransomware attack. What can we do as individuals to fight this growing threat?
JAN 31, 2020

The Cost Of Free AV

Rob talks about the news where we learned Avast was selling its customers personal information. When Liz asks if that’s related to ransomware, Rob outlines how ransomware has been evolving and what it means. Finally, Rob and Liz delve into the dark web to discuss where data as well as ransomware is being bought and sold. Listen in to find out the real cost of free software.
JAN 9, 2020

Cyberterrorism and American Business

Rob joins Liz for a discussion on cyberterrorism following a warning by The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Hackers are targeting American business through personalized emails to employees. Can you spot a spam or phishing attempt? Rob and Liz break it down for you.
DEC 20, 2019

Hacked From Inside

Rob discusses password safety with Liz. From the Wawa hack to the Facebook breach, how likely is your password to be noticed by the thieves? In the second half, Rob and Liz discuss fake tech support scams. Rob gives examples of support scams, red flags and common sense steps to avoid becoming a victim.
OCT 21, 2019

A Little Star Struck

In Rob Cheng’s first appearance on The Liz Calloway Show, Liz gets to know Rob and PC Matic. As they delve further into how PC Matic works differently, Rob talks blacklist vs. whitelist security software, tips for better security, ransomware and the repercussions of cybersecurity attacks.
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