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Our Mission

PC Matic Mission Statement

Our mission is to create software that protects devices and their information from malware used by the cyber-mafia to infiltrate and monetize worldwide. The goal for our software is zero customer infections and breaches.

We will aggressively market our products to reduce global infection rates and put a dent in the cyber-mafia economy. Retaining affordability and ease of use for any home, business or government regardless of technical capabilities or budget is crucial.

We believe that through worldwide market penetration and zero infection rates, one day the cyber-mafia will be insolvent.

PC Matic, the company’s primary product, is an advanced security solution that implements application whitelisting technology as its primary method of malware detection. This methodology has been proven far more effective in proactive detection of malware attacks, compared to the archaic blacklist approach.

With application whitelisting, only trusted programs are allowed to execute. All others that have not been tested and deemed safe, will not run. The user, if they wish to truly run the software, can go into advanced mode to allow the software to run. Or the user can wait, as all blocked applications are sent to our malware research team and categorized as either safe or malicious within 4-24 hours.

This approach eliminates the threat of polymorphic viruses, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and has been incredibly effective against cyber attacks and ransomware.

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