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Welcome to the PC Matic Satisfaction Reviews. We have the largest PC customer satisfaction database in the world consisting of user performance ratings as well as comments related to PC satisfaction. We hope this helps everyone make more informed PC purchase decisions.

Welcome to the Toshiba Satisfaction Reviews

See below results for reviews relating to TOSHIBA satellite pro a200.

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TOSHIBA satellite pro a200 Satisfaction Reviews

Average Satisfaction
  3.02 out of 4

Percent Freezing

Percent Slow
satellite pro a200
PC Type
Total Votes: 243

Date Comments Satisfaction
1/4/2018 5:45:54 AM Utility functions all good on newly added & refurbished PC
  4.00 out of 4
5/27/2014 5:19:41 PM Thiks Toshiba has been a workhorse, and very reliable. I don't want to upgrade its XP os to Win7, but I want to continue using it until it stops. PC Matic seems to be a good solution.
  4.00 out of 4
10/4/2009 8:48:49 AM why does my computer hang everytime i use power cord?i already reformat this and change memory module from 1 gb to 2 gb but still the same it always hang.anyway, yes i am very satisfied w/ my computer until this prob occur ;(
  4.00 out of 4
11/9/2009 5:50:14 PM This computer was locking up and had to be rebooted very often but then I had to reload the OS and the hard drive was formated and the computer seems to be running better than last week.
  3.00 out of 4
1/16/2010 12:12:53 PM I get a trojan report that my printer is infected every once in a while.
  3.00 out of 4
4/3/2010 12:39:42 PM Install size is vast and I have a couple of driver issues.
  3.00 out of 4
4/20/2012 8:26:39 PM The computer runs well but gets very hot. It is only recently that the PC has slowed down. Compared to newer models, this one is heavy and bulky.
  3.00 out of 4
10/31/2011 12:18:36 AM it blue screens lately...
  3.00 out of 4
8/3/2015 12:28:02 PM don't use very much
  3.00 out of 4
5/18/2011 10:28:48 AM It takes about 1 and 1/2 minutes to boot and a guite a bit longer to load a program. When I first started PC Matic, it locked up. Rebooted and started it again and started very quickly.
  3.00 out of 4
2/25/2011 9:08:41 AM ie launches slow
  3.00 out of 4
3/1/2011 8:14:08 PM Slow to connect to wireless internet, but I think that is the fault of the modem
  3.00 out of 4
10/20/2010 10:41:21 AM NON
  3.00 out of 4
8/27/2010 6:42:29 AM Cuando voy a desinstalar programas el ordenador no me deja me dice que necesita permiso del administrador y la única administradora que tiene el ordenador soy yo y también me dice que no tengo permisos de windows installer
  3.00 out of 4
7/12/2010 6:14:25 PM sometimes slow
  2.00 out of 4
6/4/2010 3:34:44 PM Speed of processing is on the slow side, especially when on the internet.
  2.00 out of 4
3/12/2010 2:51:42 PM Don't Know yet
  2.00 out of 4
5/30/2012 8:27:36 PM Sometimes it will not laet me shut down without holding down the off on button down. Sometimes I cannot hold the ctrl key and alt 4 to shut down.
  2.00 out of 4
12/5/2012 8:15:45 PM .....
  2.00 out of 4
12/9/2011 2:56:28 PM Computer very slow. Notice lots of disk activity for 4-5 minutes after booting. Frequent freezes.
  2.00 out of 4
11/5/2009 5:17:36 PM Never reinstalled the system, but I should! It was once a fast pc but it is now soooo slow.
  2.00 out of 4
11/24/2009 6:09:15 PM very frequently any browser crashes
  2.00 out of 4
6/10/2010 1:47:00 AM System is very unstable
  2.00 out of 4
7/20/2016 8:25:21 PM Very slow!
  1.00 out of 4

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