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Realtek PCIe 2.5GbE Family Controller - Driver Download

Realtek PCIe 2.5GbE Family Controller

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Windows 10 64-Bit

Windows 10 64-Bit Driver

Total Driver Versions: 13
Driver Date: 05/11/2021
Release Notes:
Driver Version: 10.050.0511.2021
PC Matic Notes:

Version History

Version Popularity Release Notes PC Matic Notes Download
05/11/2021 10.050.0511.2021 25.53%
04/13/2021 10.049.0413.2021 4.26%
03/15/2021 10.048.0315.2021 8.51%
01/27/2021 4.26%
01/21/2021 10.047.0121.2021 12.77%
12/31/2020 10.046.1231.2020 46.81%
09/28/2020 10.045.0928.2020 25.53%
05/26/2020 10.042.0526.2020 17.02%
11/18/2019 10.38.1118.2019 4.26%
11/18/2019 10.038.1118.2019 4.26%
05/10/2019 10.035.0510.2019 8.51%
04/10/2015 9.1.410.2015 8.51%
04/10/2015 9.001.0410.2015 29.79%

Windows 8 64-Bit

Windows 8 64-Bit Driver

Total Driver Versions: 2
Driver Date: 01/21/2021
Release Notes:
Driver Version: 10.047.0121.2021
PC Matic Notes:

Version History

Version Popularity Release Notes PC Matic Notes Download
01/21/2021 10.047.0121.2021 100.00%
09/28/2020 10.045.0928.2020 100.00%
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