Living in a Cloud-Based World

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Living in a Cloud-Based World

While computers are incredible devices, they possess certain limitations that drastically impact their usefulness. That’s not to imply they aren’t useful, but rather that there is so much untapped potential that it’s frustrating to think of what could be but is not yet a reality. Many don’t realize the usefulness of the Cloud. This article hopes to address the main benefits that you will find ‘in the cloud’.

Consider gaming hardware. Anyone who wants to play a high-end PC release needs to spend at least $1,000 to ensure their computer can run it and that they can enjoy all the perks of having such a powerful machine. The need to constantly upgrade hardware is a huge barrier to entry, and it’s one many households aren’t able to overcome.

One way to resolve this issue is to allow customers to stream video input of games being run remotely on their hardware, and all the user’s system has to do is display the video and register player input. The technology is currently in development and imperfect, but with better Internet infrastructure, as well as innovations cheap, low-grade hardware will be able to provide gamers with everything they currently pay a high premium to attain.

This is one of many promising developments from the Cloud. Despite the fact that computers, cell phones and other devices are more interconnected than ever before, moving data from one device to another is still a hassle, and with certain applications it’s not even possible to move them across platforms because the hardware on the other end is incapable of supporting them. With the Cloud, one of these problems can be eliminated immediately, and the other isn’t far behind.

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