PC Matic Home Security Software UI Updates

PC Matic UI Updates

PC Matic UI Updates. It’s time to freshen up the User Interface with our PC Matic Consumer product. We wanted to lay out all the changes and make sure you can contact Support if you need help. Check out the steps below.

Dashboard Default View

PC Matic UI Updates

Reorganized Dashboard

PC Matic UI Updates for Consumer Security Software

New Maintenance Page

Security Software User Interface

New Bottom Bar

Expanded Header Area

PC Matic UI Improvements for Consumer Security Software

New Styling

PC Matic User Interface Updates for Consumer Security Software

Support for our UI Updates.

We hope this explains the changes featured in our PC Matic UI Update. If you need support or have any questions, remember to ONLY go through verified PC Matic Support. For official support, visit our support tab on our website or by clicking here.

For more information about using PC Matic’s Home Computer Security software, visit Getting Started with Matic. In addition to reviewing PC Matic UI Updates, adding a device to your current subscription is easy. Simply visit PCmatic.com and select Add Device from the menu. You can also learn more about securing and optimizing your computer system.

Our home consumer products run on Windows, macOS, and Android mobile devices. Home Security protects your devices from modern security threats like ransomware and optimizes your system to keep it running like new. Home Security also includes identity theft protection and free dark web monitoring to keep your identity and data safe and secure.

In conclusion, PC Matic is America’s leading cybersecurity company with our computer protection software developed, researched and supported in the USA. Our Application Whitelisting software blocks all forms of malware, ransomware, and spyware keeping your data safe and system secure. Learn more about how Application Whitelisting works to protect your device, and keep your family safe from malware.

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27 thoughts on “PC Matic UI Updates”

  1. Richard Pimental

    I need to talk to someone. I ordered PC MATIC by mistake and wish to stop the charge on my account. Order #6521057

  2. Very unhappy after years of using you. Renew was a nightmare. I was kicked off after cc fraud made me get bew number. You fell thru the cracks. And just canceled me. Your website stinks. FINALLY get renewed, now the dang program page is stuck on my screen as it doesn’t load. REALLY? Hours of frustration!!!

  3. please contact me about my devices that I can pay $50 a month but it says five I only have two. I want to know if I can have two devices cheaper than $50 a month and also exactly what Tuesday matter does thank you

  4. Joseph Komasara

    last year I purchased a lifetime policy with PC Matic and have received notices that my policy is expired. What happened to my lifetime coverage?

  5. Sandra Penner- Fox

    I want to download your program, but it will not work for us! Where in the US are you located?

  6. Did you get a phone yet for your customer service dept?If you did,email me the number. And we might do some business.

  7. Bonnie M Nowakowski

    I would like to cancel mysubscription
    My app all of the sudden will not open
    went to uninstall & reinstall & will not work

    Please just cancel me
    Original order #:
    Order ID: 4857635

  8. So does the update take place automaticly because mine still looks like the “old” one?

    Then when I pushed the “Post Comment” button this poped up

    This page doesn’t seem to exist.
    It looks like the link pointing here was faulty. Maybe try searching?

  9. Considering Purchasing pcmatic software for my Microsoft 10 and my wife’s Apple computer. I am not tech savvy – (74+ years old). A friend told me that he received an email from me that he suspects was fake and his machine was corrupted. His tech support says that there were multiple people using his computer in the background and it took them over 3 hours to purge them out. Does pcmatic software detect other users from using my machine without approval or do I need another type of software? I also have had ESET software from my previous employer that has expired and I can seem to unsubscribe to stop the constant reminders to repurchase. Can pcmatic fix this?

  10. The new look is awesome. And jumping around to the different screens on the new version seems to pop a bit faster than the previous version which used to hang a bit now and then.

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