Americans on Cybersecurity

PC Matic Poll: Americans on Cybersecurity

A Difficult Year

Americans on cybersecurity. 2020 was that to say the least. No matter your political affiliation or beliefs, it was a difficult time in our country. Compounding all of the global news was the looming election in the United States. Americans had a lot on their minds, but where did cybersecurity fall in that?

As malware and data breaches ran rampant, ransoms continued to increase. Ransomware went from being an arbitrary thought in the American household to a regular headline across our news feeds. Everyone is now aware in some respect. And despite the continued attacks, Americans have yet to bring the conversation forward.

So PC Matic was curious, how do Americans feel about cybersecurity? Do we think we’re prepared? Finally, are our federal and local governments equipped to handle an attack?

The Survey

We surveyed nearly 1400 people from across the US for our Americans on Cybersecurity poll. These respondents represent ages 18 to 75+ and are from a myriad of different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Additionally, the gender split was almost completely even.

The highlights include the first and possibly most important question. “How confident are you that the United States government can defend itself against cyber-attacks?” 57% of Americans polled do not feel confident that the US government can defend itself.

Another interesting find is that over 90% of Americans are concerned about identity theft following an attack. In fact, a majority of Americans (85%+) have concerns about losing access to financial institutions, personal devices, and critical infrastructure like water and electricity. These are all valid concerns.

In Summation

Mostly what we found are that Americans are split. Some feel we’re prepared, others vehemently do not. What we can all agree on, however, is our collective concern over if a successful attack were to be executed. With President Biden’s infrastructure plan being rolled out, we wonder how much of that will be allocated to the persistent need for increased cybersecurity. So far there are no set plans.

If you didn’t have a chance to answer, tell us how prepared you feel your local state government is for a cyberattack. Also, do you feel the federal government could defend itself under those circumstances? Let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

To read the full report, visit us here.

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10 thoughts on “PC Matic Poll: Americans on Cybersecurity”

  1. Robert W. Lyle

    I agree with a PC Matic TV commercial I saw. The man asked why the government wouldn’t go to whitelisting.
    Bob Lyle

  2. Cheryl chandler

    On a Federal level the United States in not prepared for a cyberattack. Our infrastructure; power grid, water plants, sewer plants, hospitals, etc can be shut down by a cyberattack. Our ship, planes, military intelligent communication, etc. Our government does not seem to realize the danger and damage a foreign cyberattack could cause this country.

  3. as I read the report, I find that younger people have greater trust in government to find answers and fix issues, then older people. Perhaps that is because the older you get the wiser you become to what the government can and is willing and able to do.

  4. The recent hacking of the Oil Pipeline serving the east coast confirms that the US is not prepared to ward off cyber attacks. the infrastructure plan Biden is trying to sell is not going to help because that money is going to the democrats pet projects and not for the good of the US citizen.

  5. While I enjoy my PC Matic protection and am confident in them, I do feel that there are hackers who have my info (as well as others) and are sitting on it, not necessarily needing my ID or money for now, but can access it any time they want. I am not so confident in our country’s ABC departments (FBI, CIA, etc) and their willingness, it seems, to trade our country away to keep their international connections. I have no confidence in this current administration to have strong cybersecurity other than they use it for their own power.

  6. Windle Ray CAUSEY

    I have drawn several conclusions from my education and life experiences. First, while government and citizens alike are aware of the threats, instead of quietly focusing on preventions, (e.g. hardening infrastructure and equipment, and systems), we have quietly ignored the spectrum of threats. Cyber related threats must be bundled in a comprehensive plan to address all catastrophic threats. Cyber threats from hackers or foreign governments are targeted. But what of a whole of society threat? EMP can destroy the hardware from our personal transport to the grid shutting down EVERYTHING. And, we know it is coming. In fact the recurrence of solar storms and the resulting pulse WILL occur and most like is overdue. Americans do not have the knowledge or will to survive any apocalyptic threat. So, we continue to ignore.

  7. I report a fraud a month or more for Banks Apple Ebay Walmart and others thats fraudulent trying to get information to reseat your access, By email and text! Many I don’t have an account with.
    Cyber Crime Is Real!

  8. I don’t know alot about these things and how they work.i feel safe and secure with my weekly PCMatic and PC Magnum scans and don’t give out information unless I know and check who I am dealing with. THANK YOU PC MATIC

  9. Gerald Hickey

    What I don’t hear or see from the news industry is reports about the arrests, prosecutions and convictions (and what happens to them) of hackers and their confederates for their scourilous actions against all of us.

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