Love PC Matic's Commercials - How can I be in one?

Love PC Matic’s Commercials? Now You Can Be In One!

Love PC Matic’s Commercials. When PC Matic commercials pop up on your TV, do you ever think, “man, I’d love to be in one?” Now you can win a chance to do just that. Winners will be featured in an upcoming PC Matic commercial and win $200!

The Contest

Please send a video of you and your family celebrating being PC Matic users. No audio is necessary. We want to see the love! Do you use PC Matic on your home computers? Android mobile devices? Your MAC? Show us your PC Matic!

  • Videos should be between 10-30 seconds
  • 1920 x 1080 in landscape mode
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older (this applies to the winner, but featured family members can be any age!)
  • Looking for video only of families in masks, clapping, cheering, making heart shapes. Inside house or outside house. No audio is necessary.
  • Send entries to [email protected] 

Winners will be notified via email and need to sign a release of information prior to collecting their prize. Contest ends April 23, 2021.

Love PC Matic? Learn How you can be in one of PC Matic’s Commercials.

PC Matic Antivirus Product commercials are fun and informative. As you know, we are America’s leading cybersecurity company with all research and product development taking place in the USA. To see a sample of the commercials you have come to love, visit our video channel.

Visit our media page to learn more about PC Matic’s Antivirus Software commercials.

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8 thoughts on “Love PC Matic’s Commercials? Now You Can Be In One!”

  1. I would love to see a pc Matic commercial on One America News. .OAN. That’s the only news we watch

  2. I am a Vietnam veteran having had the privilege to serve and support the single most covert group of heroes during the war. I am an American patriate, I stand for the flag, and I believe in the power, ability, and creativity of the American worker. This is why I use PC Matic. I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Computer Science along with a Master Degree in Public Administrations. I love business operations and understand the value of software that simply works. I would love to do one of your commercial’s.

  3. I agree with Steven. I’m tired of celebrities. I thought the little girl you had on before was cute, enthusiastic, informative and just downright more pleasant to watch. When your current commercials come on I have to confess I head for the kitchen for a snack.

  4. It was the made in America that got me. Thank you. Your price is right too for someone living on Social Security like I am.

  5. The singer you have representing PCMatic on the commercials is very pretty, but I have a crush on your last hostess. She was a little chubbier, but wonderfully cute. Please put her back on.

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