PC Matic’s Corey Munson Joins Julian Lee to Talk About Cybersecurity

Part of the Prevention

PC Matic’s Corey Munson joined eChannelNews’ Julian Lee yesterday for a chat about the state of cybersecurity. If you read the guest post by retired FBI Cybercrimes agent Scott Augenbaum, you’ll know he firmly believes that 90% of cyberattacks can be prevented. In the beginning of Julian and Corey’s chat, they discuss this and some of the preventative measures we believe can accomplish that goal.

Julian then asked Corey how PC Matic differentiates to achieve that prevention goal. As we’ve discussed in the past, PC Matic uses whitelist technology and holds the patent for signature whitelisting. That means we’re only allowing through programs known to be good.

And signature whitelisting? Well, that means verified sources like Microsoft can sign all their software with their signature. We recognize that as good and let it through. This can save a lot of time when a verified source releases updates or new software.

The Work-From-Home Landscape and MSPs

Corey goes on to address the issues surrounding our new remote work landscape. With more people than ever working from home, companies may not be equipped to handle in house IT. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are among some of the best resources for those businesses.

PC Matic works closely with MSPs, as Corey states, to help close that security gap. “That’s where MSPs come in, and we can help with our product,” Corey tells Julian.

The two go on to discuss the multi-layered approach to security. Julian asks if we suggest rip and replace versus adding PC Matic as another layer. “We can do both,” Corey informs. And using PC Matic eliminates the need for additional staff.

“Just as recently as yesterday we had a focus group with a group of our MSPs. And that’s one of the things we focus on,” Corey explains, “… is that feedback from our MSP partners to further refine the platform so it is efficient…”

Becoming a Partner

Corey and Julian go on to discuss PC Matic’s ease of deployment, MSP engagement, and partner support. And then there’s a little history on PC Matic itself. Plus the two delve into what it’s like to be a partner with PC Matic.

For more information on PC Matic’s Partner options, visit us here.

For more information on PC Matic’s powerful business tools, visit us here.

Check out the full interview below.

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