PC Matic University Basic Computer Hardware

Show Me What You’re Working With

Do you know a motherboard from a CPU based just on a picture? If the answer is “no” you’ll want to watch the Basic Computer Hardware videos below from PC Matic University.

This next chapter in the series aims to teach you the basic parts of your computer. But why do you need to know that? You’re never going to open up your computer and monkey around with the pieces.

I thought that too. Then I needed to replace my hard drive with an SSD. Could I have paid someone? Sure! But why when I could do it myself? It’s the same idea as being able to change your own headlights on your car or replace a wonky pipe under the sink.

Computer maintenance and repair should be left to the pros when it’s the big stuff, but the little bits are totally doable yourself. You’ll save time and money. Plus, there’s a feeling of satisfaction when you’re able to fix something with your own two hands.

So watch the videos below then hop on over to the quiz to test what you’ve learned. And stay safe out there.

PC Matic University

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  1. Pretty Lame Test Guys. How bout a bit more comprehensive? Informative to the less than daily task usages like, Linking Up Your Computer Directly To Your Security Cams? YouKnow,,,,Things like that.

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