Holiday Shopping 2020: PC Matic Asks

We Asked, You Answered

We like to ask the public from time to time about habits they have pertaining to certain activities. We’ve dug into work habits during the pandemic, RDP awareness, and now holiday shopping habits.

Over 5000 people answered our shopping survey. With 53% stating that their shopping habits have changed due to COVID-19, we wondered how you were feeling about the shift in shopping. Below are the results.

Shopping Stats

At least 80% of Americans, based on our data, plan to shop online this holiday season. Of those people, 76.5% intend on shopping from a laptop or desktop computer. Only 21.5% intend on shopping from a mobile device or tablet.

The majority of online shoppers, 87% in fact, are concerned with retailers selling their data. Additionally, 82% of shoppers display concern over identity theft.

What It Means

The number of Americans planning to shop online will significantly increase this year. Online shopping habits are usually pretty split, due in large part to Americans’ distrust of online privacy and security. It seems that many still have safety concerns.

Most people plan to shop from a computer rather than a phone. With good antivirus software and some common sense best practices, shopping online from your computer can be perfectly safe.

Below we’ve included a handy infograph with all the statistics we gathered in addition to some common sense shopping tips. It’s our hope that you have a wonderful (and safe) holiday season!

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