5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

Are You Ready?

We are inundated with advertisements this time of year. Retailers across the globe are trying to get our attention (and our money) by offering deals on items they think we may gift. There are the brands we all know and use, but then there are the smaller niche items that also may appeal to us.

Personally, I try to shop small when I can. I prefer Etsy to Amazon and local makers markets to malls. Shopping small is a great way to support individual and family owned businesses. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of less-than-honest quick resellers out there ready to take advantage.

So how do you keep yourself safe this year? Let’s take a look at a way to avoid shopping scams.

5 Tips

First, make sure you have a quality antivirus product. You really shouldn’t be on the web without one. As identity theft and ransomware attacks rise this year, it’s important to have a safeguard on your machine protecting you. PC Matic always recommends a default-deny approach. This is the basis of our protection and will keep you safe even from new and emerging threats.

Next, be cautious of where you’re clicking. Those targeted social media ads promise too good to be true prices on impressive items. If something is designed to make you click to find out more, then it’s probably set up to harvest your data or worse! I’ve purchased products from these ads before, they’re almost never as great as advertised. The measly monetary saving isn’t worth your data points.

Third, purchase with a verified shopping service or credit card. PayPal’s dispute center is a bit cumbersome to navigate and does take forever. Credit cards offer almost instant returns on disputed items. They’re specifically set up to keep you safe. These may be a better option than a service that has a lengthy dispute process.

Never should you use your debit card, especially on a smaller site. If you have it listed in places like Amazon and Etsy, they do protect your data. I would be hesitant to input that information into a site of a brand or retailer I’d just learned of, however.

Fourth, make sure the site you’re shopping is secure. Look up in the address bar of your web browser for the little lock beside the address. If the lock isn’t there, err on the side of caution and avoid putting in any payment information.

Finally, you’ll want to keep the receipts for all your purchases. I have a folder in my email where the receipt for literally every purchase I’ve ever made is stored. There have been instances when I’ve had to provide that proof of purchase to dispute an item that was never delivered. Keep those handy and don’t rely on the site to have a copy of your order!

Holidays Handled

This year promises to be very different in the way we celebrate the holidays. While we’ve all been a little frustrated and perhaps suffering from cabin fever, we want to make sure to stay safe. Following a few common sense tips can be the difference between enjoying your gift giving and becoming frustrated with scams. Remember, when it doubt, just don’t put your information into the site.

I hope you all have a joyous holiday season, and stay safe out there.

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65 thoughts on “5 Tips To Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams”

  1. PC MATIC is the best. I have tried others over the years and PC MATIC does the job every time.
    They do not nag me with ads or upgrade stuff. I run a scan when I want. I’m given details of the scan and know where my computer sits as far as security and if there are any problems. IT EVEN FOUND MY OLD VIRUS SOFTWARE
    ( THAT WAS LOUSY ) AND DELETED IT. Now that is good anti-virus software.

  2. I like pc matic very much but for blocking ads I understand that is one of the benefits for choosing for pc matic. pc matic does not block ads.

    1. Hi Jefferson,

      We do have a built in ad blocker in our product. I’m including a link to our Vimeo page where you can see how to enable your PC Matic ad blocker. I hope this was useful!

  3. I’m very satisfied with PC Matic. I switched to PC Matic from McAfee because a virus took over my computer while being covered by McAfee. I haven’t had any issues since. Thanks, Bonnie in Georgia

  4. I have been a long time user of PCmatic but I cannot talk to a suport person. [Number Redacted] Suport has not responded to emails.

  5. Hey…..I loved the band! Bring the band back and have them play Jingle Bells and other nonoffensive Christmas music.

  6. If you buy for a year for five PC and one goes bad and you replace it. The one you replace will it be cover from the one went bad.

  7. I like PC matic and depend on it. Someone removed the PC Matic icon off the front of my computer and I don’t know how to get it back. Please e-mail with instructions on how to re-install it
    PS: I need to know when it is time to renew

  8. I use PC Matic and I am totally sold on it it’s on my phone on my tablet and on my computer and I feel real comfortable with how they check these items for me this is the first time I’ve use PC Matic and I will continue to do it because I know that I’m getting good service thanks PC Matic

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  10. I’ve been a PCmatic client for about 2 1/2 years and am a big fan of the service. I’ve decided to look into either including grandchildren’s computers on my account or if necessary giving them cash to join PCmatic themselves. I think it would be a great long lasting Christmas present. I’ll contact Customer Service for details

  11. We feel very secure with PC Matic protection and will continue to cautiously navigate the web. I never store credit card information when making purchases. Thanks for the tip to look for the “lock” on site for payments. Another tip for everyone — be sure to frequently check your debit card and credit card(s) for activity! Years ago we made a cash purchase at a gift shop in a tourist town and someone read my Discover Card number while I was in that shop, the card was in my pocket and this was before chips were inserted in the cards. They made a small purchase, the typical test before making a large purchase, which we noticed the next day. The credit card company immediately took action and cleared it all up immediately. Since then we only shop (in person or online) with a protected card OR we use a card with a very small limit (and protection, of course!) OR cash in person and leaving credit cards at home or in an RFD protected case. This year we’ll do more online shopping keeping PC Matic’s cautions in mind AND avoiding our debit card. Thanks again for the important tips! And you have top-notch Customer Service people!

  12. You guys….you guys are the best of the best. Thank you for this advice not required of you, but definitely needed by us. And that says it all really.
    I have PC Matic Evergreen and for the first time in my life have not had a problem with my computer relating to virus’s or even performance. Your services you provide go ‘above and beyond’. Believe me when I say I’ve had all of the ‘other guys stuff’ and they have all failed sooner or later. I’ve been with you for years now…over four I think…and have every intention of renewing when this computer becomes obsolete.
    You all have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.
    P.S. Hey why don’t you guys develop a secure and trustworthy ‘Voting System’!…just saying because I would trust that.
    Seriously Trump would love you guys and I would just keep on loving you guys.

  13. John P Whitecar Jr

    I have never been able to load your product and make it work so I deleted it off my computer, because there was no viable support that I could reach

  14. Your product is very good , but to get a hold of a person is very hard .TO TRIED TO INSTALL ON MY THRID PC I LOST MY PASSWORD AND HAVING TROBLE WITH MY SECOND PC THAT YOUR PRODUCT IS INSTALL ON For that reason I will not renew your product When you need help with a person on the phone you do not have a good process in place

  15. I bought a lifetime membership to PC Matic and set it up to auto-scan on a schedule so, once installed and setup it does all the work and you need not bother with it unless you want to do a manual scan. Since installing it on my computer as well as the 2 other laptops they run much faster to include a much faster reboot. The lifetime membership is worth every penny and puts the worry out of annual renewals.

  16. I have used PC Matic for years and have never had an issue with my old laptop. Thank you for your excellent work and keeping us safe.
    I am in my seventies, still work part-time in retail and have watched the death rates from this virus stay very low, probably lower than the seasonal flu. Having worked in finance for years, I know statistics are and can be manipulated. Fear is worse. Take precautions and don’t stress.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  17. Truly, because of PC Matic software(s)/protection, I do feel safe shopping online. Of course, I only use limited, familiar, and secure sites! PC Matic provides EXCELLENT protection!

  18. I renewed my subscription, for another year, as I couldn’t afford the lifetime due to being disabled recently. My wish would be for pcmatic starting automatically, as it worries me I might for get to start it leaving open to attack. Otherwise I am totally satisfied with pcmatic. Next October will be renewing for lifetime, this old man will save up . Happy holidays to all.

  19. Love your product and informative newsletter. Wish I could load your software on my iPad, use it exclusively and do worry about access

  20. My trouble is I have no liquid assets coming in to use. My entire Social Security check goes to rent. I have no employer. I’m over 65 and am self quarantined even though I’m 4 times negative for covid-19. basically, I m broke. No way to shop on line even though I got a so called experian suggestion of another 300 dollar limit Capital Obe credit card. I’ve been scammed once by E bay and once b PCH.com. That’s it.

    1. Hi William,

      PC Matic will definitely protect you from any attempt to infect your PC Matic covered devices from malware, but we urge you use common sense tactics when shopping online. We can’t stop you from giving out personal information, which is why we want to help educate you on the best practices to stay safe.

  21. I used my credit card with Amazon and my card # was stolen and college kids used over $1,ooo on books and crap. We were covered by our card but they did not tell us if they caught the culprits. Make sure you always remove your card # after shopping on Amazon or Ebay or any sight. .Do not leave it on that sight for future use.

  22. Thank you for the information.
    I am very uncomfortable shopping on line. I do shop locally & especially small shops with a debit card for years. I will be getting a credit card.
    Thank you

  23. We give our kids & Grandkids CASH. Never a problem of being hacked or card dropped when a supplier goes belly up. It also allows them to shop for big bargains after Christmas.

  24. Good Evening yes I have experienced this situation with my credit card I ordered something on my credit card and about a month ago someone took my credit card information and tried to get a large sum of money on my credit card and thank God my credit card institution called and email me to see if I authorized the purchase with that being said that was good and they credit card company had me destroy the card and issued me a new one right away.

  25. Ron Dean Daugherty

    In Idaho, we experience some “invasion concerns” from callers on telephone landlines. Idaho is often a “test state” for numerous scams of all types and kinds. But we have an impressive reporting system with local police within our community. Also we have a new FBI installation located in our town (Pocatello) researching such electronic scamming within the state and nation.

    We have few to no reservations with our home computer use. We’ve had PC Matic, and continue to have for years…without the slightest problem during any time period. Their PC newsletter often provides outstanding information and practical tips to remain safe at all times.

  26. You folk do a great job. Being based in the U.S. is also a big plus. Continue the excellent service and may all of you have a very joyful Thanksgiving, a most wonderful Christmas (or Channukah) and a prosperous New Year.

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      We deleted your phone number from this comment as you should never publicly post that information online. Please reach out to our Support Team for assistance with additional computers.

      Thank you!

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