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PC Matic VP Corey Munson instituted a webinar series when COVID-19 began. We’ve shared a variety of topics that he’s covered. The most recent webinar, however, focuses on security for schools as we delve into the new year.

Corey is carefully curating an array of topics, some for business and some for home users, providing information as we navigate these new waters. Below is the full video transcript of the K12 webinar.

To keep up with Corey and all the webinar topics, follow him on LinkedIn.

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4 thoughts on “PC Matic’s Webinar Wizard”

  1. i am and have been an EVERGREEN subscriber so long , i cannot remember when i first got PC-MATIC / SUPER SHIELD!!!
    HD on my old laptop went out–had to get new laptop–(HP )(much better than the DELL)–WINDOWS 10 OS HAS CREATED ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS on new HP
    Biggest problem created is system updates create problems every time–last update included MS EDGE—this seems to have taken control of everything—including my PC_MATIC/SUPERSHIELD—i cannot do manual scans–luckily i had scheduled scans these are run as per schedule–i am NO PC GURU—am working on getting rid of this MS crap control

  2. I have paid for the 5 home computers now for two years. I have had problems and most gave been solved, but now I had NO help. One desktop had problems, so I tried to uninstall PC MATIC, it will not uninstall or reinstall. All you did was send me a link to reinstall and ask for a survey. I told you but nothing is happening to help me. Now one laptop is not working g correctly. I can’t call you, I have given you my cell numer , but you never call or respond. Why?

    1. Hello Leah,
      I am going to send this over to our helpdesk supervisor. Someone will be reaching out to get this resolved immediately. We appreciate your patience.

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