PC Matic Releases Virtual Private Network Study

PC Matic, American cybersecurity firm,” released a report outlining key information related to the implementation of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and their usage across the United States

Myrtle Beach, SC – Today, American cybersecurity firm, PC Matic, announced the completion and release of a research project analyzing the usage frequency of VPNs over the last decade and studying which VPN Americans are using the most. Results of the research project are outlined in a report titled “VPN: A Decade’s Worth of Growth,” and are the result of data gathered from nearly 2,165,000 devices.

Key findings from the report are as follows:

  • From 2010 to year-end 2019, the use of VPNs has increased by approximately 4 times
  • The largest jump in VPN implementation occurred from 2018 to 2019
  • In 2010, approximately 0.74% of endpoints had a commercial VPN installed. By 2019, that number had only increased by a fraction of a percent
  • In 2010, only 0.13% of endpoints had a personal VPN installed. However, by the end of 2019, that percentage had increased substantially
  • While Cyberghost was the top VPN in 2010, NordVPN dominates the marketplace as the top VPN used in 2019

“As cybercriminals become more advanced and frequent in their attacks, cybersecurity measures must rise to meet them,” said PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng. “Americans must ensure their online activity is secure, and a VPN is another added layer of security one can utilize to protect sensitive information and themselves from falling victim to cybercriminals.”

More findings and the complete report may be found here.

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  1. One end of a VPN is the connection to my laptop, or intelligent device (phone), but where is the remote end? Does my VPN connection go all the way to Facebook, e-mail provider, video streaming service, etc? Who manages that end to end connection? Does the connection time out? After how long? If the connection goes as far as the VPN provider’s servers… Is the connection between VPN provider and Internet service provider, URL/server of the app of choice provider’s site(s) equally secured?

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