RMM; The MSP’s Best Friend

The Right RMM Tool

RMM tools are an MSP’s best friend. They are the lifeline between the provider and the customer, but finding the right one can bury you in research.

The right RMM tool should have several features. In addition to including essential functions like automation and remote management, it should also be light on the client machine. The tool you choose should be easy to use and allow you to customize your notifications as well as allowing you to work without disrupting the client’s work day.

Cloud Based

A cloud based tool allows you to work without any hardware investment. PC Matic’s cloud based MSP tool means you can be onsite with one client while continually monitoring another. Many of our MSPs love the freedom they enjoy with this, as it allows them to be present for all their customers even when one needs special onsite attention.


A great RMM will automate a lot of the process for you. Keeping track of the regular activities by automating them for you frees you up to keep an eye on anything irregular that might show up on your client machines.

Additionally, PC Matic automates the whitelist protection offered to customers. This means that we’re monitoring and approving new executables even if you don’t get a chance to right away.

Remote Tools

If you’re an MSP using multiple remote tools, you aren’t optimizing your time. PC Matic has built in remote tools allowing MSPs to quickly VNC into a user’s machine, open a Remote CMD, prompt to run scripts locally, browse and upload to file directories, remotely shutdown, and more.

PC Matic MSP Features

Cloud Console – PC Matic MSP is hosted on AWS and provides a simple interface to manage your customers from any device anywhere in the world.
Multi Tenant Structure – Create an infinite number of customers, groups, and devices while applying any custom settings or policies across the structure.
Device Authentication – Keep your console and tools secure with proprietary authentication that blocks all unauthorized devices from access.
Whitelist Security – Default-deny security blocks all unknown executions backed by our 12 million (and counting!) Global Whitelist of applications. RDP
Security – Protect Remote Desktop Protocol by creating a whitelist of allowed devices while immediately blocking all unknown device sessions.
RDP Management – Remotely enabled, disable, schedule, or temporarily open RDP from the cloud. Review detailed session history logs, and more! Integrated
VNC – PC Matic MSP includes an integrated VNC that allows for secure remote access to any device in your console in just two clicks!
Remote CMD – Without disturbing active users, send commands in realtime with our remote command prompt. Troubleshooting has never been this easy!
File Manager – A full remote file directory is included for each device on your account. Quickly upload or download files for any customer machine.
Anti-Tamper Protection – Uninstalling and service tampering are completely blocked at the local device. Keeps your security in place where it should be!
Realtime RDP Alerts – If a new RDP session is established, you can get realtime SMS & Email alerts with quick actions to kill the session and more!
Remote Reboot & Shutdown – Send an immediate signal to any or all devices in one click to shutdown or reboot after you’ve applied updates! Local
Whitelist – Have a customer running proprietary apps? Locally whitelist them in seconds across the entire organization by hash, digital signature, or folder path.
Fileless Malware Prevention – PC Matic MSP’s heuristics proactively block script based attacks that defeat normal blacklisting and whitelisting security solutions.
Patch Management – Automatically update over 30 different third party applications to keep your customers machines secure from vulnerabilities.
Automated System Cleanup – Scheduled scanning removes malware, junk files, unwated services or starups and more!
Expansive Alerting & Reporting – Customize alerts and reports to keep yourself and your customers informed via SMS or Email.

For more information on PC Matic’s MSP product, visit us for a free trial.

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