PC Matic – How do I install on a new device?

So, you just changed computers, or maybe purchased a brand new laptop, and you’re looking to install PC Matic on that device as well. You’ve come to the right place! Depending on your initial purchase, PC Matic can be installed on at least 5 devices under your one account! All we have to do is download it on the new device, and login with our existing account details!

Lets get started. Scroll down and find the Operating System you’re looking to install on, then follow the instructions or video!

Windows Computers

  1. On the computer you wish to install on, open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.)
  2. Type www.pcmatic.com/download into the address bar and press enter. *View Screenshot*
  3. The installer file will automatically download. You may see it in the lower left corner of your browser (Chrome), or you can find it in your Downloads folder. *View Screenshot 1* *View Screenshot 2*
  4. Double click on the installation file, or click it once and press enter.
  5. If prompted with User Account Control, click Yes. *View Screenshot*
  6. Select your language and press OK *View Screenshot*
  7. Read and accept the License Agreement and click Next. *View Screenshot*
  8. Click Next to confirm the install location.
  9. Click Next to confirm the start menu location.
  10. Select if you want to create a desktop shortcut and click Next. *View Screenshot*
  11. Select Install.
  12. Once complete, select to Launch PC Matic and click Finish. *View Screenshot*
  13. When PC Matic launches, click Login in the lower left corner. *View Screenshot*
  14. Enter your PC Matic account email address and password and click Login. *View Screenshot*
  15. You’ve completed installing PC Matic!

Mac Computers


  1. Click on the Download link above to download PC Matic Mac.
  2. To complete the install process, you will need to know the administrator password for the computer. This is most likely the password you use to login to your Mac on a daily basis.
  3. Navigate to where you downloaded and/or saved the .dmg installer file.
  4. Double click the InstallPCMatic.dmg file to begin the install process.
  5. Once you double click the InstallPCMatic.dmg file it will open a new window called PCMatic with two files inside *View Screenshot*:
    • PC Matic.pkg – This is our main installer file and what we’ll use to put PC Matic in place.
    • Uninstall PC Matic.tool – This is the uninstall file and can be saved somewhere on your computer for future use or the .dmg file can be re-downloaded to access it.
  6. Right-click the PC Matic.pkg file and click Open to continue with the install.
  7. Click Open again, click Continue, and then click Install.
  8. Type in your administrator password and click Install Software. *View Screenshot*
  9. Before completion, your Mac may prompt you to allow our system extension. The system extension is critical for antivirus products and must be allowed for PC Matic to protect your device. Click Open Security Preferences in the prompt. (If you don’t see this prompt, skip to step 12) *View Screenshot*
  10. In the Security and Privacy window at the bottom you will see “System Software from Developer “PC Pitstop LLC” was blocked from loading”. Click the allow button. *View Screenshot*
  11. After you click allow, the option will disappear and you can close the Security and Privacy window.
  12. Once completed, click Close.
  13. You should now see our PC Matic Mac icon appear in the Status Bar at the top of your desktop. It will begin as a red shield. *View Screenshot*
  14. Click the red shield, and select ‘Register’ to connect this Mac with your PC Matic account.
  15. Sign in with your PC Matic account information. *View Screenshot*
  16. Once signed in, the shield will switch over to green to show that your device is protected.
  17. Installation is Complete!

Android Smartphones

  1. On your Android Device, open the Google Play store. *View Screenshot*
  2. In the search bar, type PC Matic and press enter. *View Screenshot*
  3. Tap the PC Matic application in the list. *View Screenshot*
  4. On the page for our application, tap Install. *View Screenshot*
  5. Now click the Open button after installation completes. *View Screenshot*
  6. Login with your PC Matic account email address and password. *View Screenshot*
  7. You’ve completed installing PC Matic!

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21 thoughts on “PC Matic – How do I install on a new device?”

  1. cant get this to download!!! i have
    paid for it would like to have the protection?? why does this not work like it says it will??? other s download easily whats up with this I dont have all day.

  2. Good evening,

    I am still using Windows XP. According to your TV commercial, PCMatic runs on Windows XP. But I just finished watching your installation tutorial video and noticed the windows OS was referred to as Windows XP Pro. Since my OS is an older version of XP, will PCMatic run on it? And if so, will you continue to support the older Windows XP ?

    Thank you

  3. How do I download PC Matic. com to my pc computer? I need this program installed to help speed up my PC Computer

    1. PC Matic is currently not compatible with iPhones, but can be used on Mac computers, Android phones and tablets and Windows computers and servers.

    2. purchased a I phone….replaced Android cell….can I transfer coverage to new phone from old android?

      1. Hi William, PC Matic is compatible with Android phones and tablets, Windows computers and servers, and Mac computers. At this time, we do not have protection for Apple phones and/or tablets.

  4. I wish to install pc matic on my new aries SBG7400AC2. Is this possible and where would i find the instructions?

    1. Hi Charles,
      PC Matic is compatible with Windows computers and servers, Mac computers, and Android phones and tablets. At this time, we do not protect modems.

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