Fraudsters Portray PC Matic Support

Another scam posing as PC Matic

We all know how many scams are going on out there. PC Matic does its part to proactively warn our customers about the scams we see involving our name. This one came in yesterday, and we wanted to talk about it.

Just looking at the email above, there are already some red flags. If you’re a current PC Matic customer, you know how much your subscription costs. The fee is that high to alarm you and scare you into calling. That’s a common theme in scam emails. They want you to be scared.

Next, they give you a support number to call. You should only ever go through support listed on a company’s website. PC Matic’s website has clearly defined support navigation at the top. Even if you aren’t able to spot that this is a scam email, you can continue to protect yourself by contacting someone only through a verified source.

You can tell a site is verified by the lock icon in the address bar next to the web address.

If you’re still in doubt, you can do the email test.

When I clicked on the blue PC Matic hyperlink in the “From” section, it brought up this email. You can see the address is an account. PC Matic and all its correspondence come from an address. This is true of almost all larger companies. If the email address looks a little off, it’s a pretty good chance you’ve received a phishing email.


PC Matic encourages customers to contact us via our website with any suspicious emails. We’ll verify the information and work to get it shut down. Remember, if you suspect anything might be “phishy” (see what I did there) then reach out to us. Our goal is to keep our customers safe.

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4 thoughts on “Fraudsters Portray PC Matic Support”

  1. Yes, checking the email reply link and very carefully reading the text of the message for proper English grammar usage have saved me from a fatal click.

  2. Also before clicking on any link, one should hover over it and see what the link address really is. Chances are that will remove all doubt that it’s a phishing email. It’s saved me numerous times.

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