Malware, ransomware and viruses infecting schools K-12.

Youth Cyber Education

Teaching America’s youth the importance of cyber security

No one is arguing that cyber security is an ongoing problem. Ransomware attacks are rising. As a result of ransomware payments, the ransoms are becoming more expensive. A proactive approach to the ransomware problem lies in the education of America’s youth.

Educating youth on a topic, bringing them up with an understanding that the generation before them didn’t have, gives them the pathways to invent new solutions. It empowers them to think analytically. Therefore, if you put a fresh pair of eyes on a problem, that person is sure to find a better way to handle it.

Education in schools

The Department of Homeland Security offers their Cybersecurity Education Training Assistance Program to K-12 schools across the country. The grant is designed to offer curricula and education tools to classrooms. As well as educating America’s school children on cybersecurity, the initiative also prepares them for STEM careers to further develop the next generation of a “cyber-literate workforce.”

In addition to the in school curricula, the program offers out of school information for students. Educators and administration wanting to learn more can visit the NICERC website for details.

STEM careers

CyberPatriot is also investing in the careers of America’s youth. Their STEM focused programs culminate in a yearly competition for high school and middle school students. Students are placed in teams and challenged to fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the new “company” where they’ve just been hired as an IT specialist.

The real world, hands on approach puts students in the mind of a working professional. Additionally, it encourages them to use analytical skills and reasoning to solve real world problems. The students have to fix the problem if they want to win.

For educators wanting to learn more about the program, click here.

The future is bright

Above all, educators continue to push the standards of cyber education for their students. With the programs and offerings available, we can expect great things out of the next generation of cyber minded thinkers.

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