A Scary Thought

Trick or Treat

Tonight, all over our country, children will be gleefully visiting their neighbors in an age old tradition of Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. It’s a wonderful custom that brings as much joy to the candy loving kiddos as it does to the families excited to see the parade of costumes as they hand out the treats.

There’s still a place for tradition and custom in our society. It’s welcomed in local communities and family activities, but it shouldn’t be welcomed when it comes to your internet activity. A host of tricks are out there on the web waiting for you to skip eagerly into them.

Horror Movie Villains

A lot of the time, when talking about internet security, antivirus, ransomware, whitelist, blacklist, and all these other terms you hear it can seem a little overwhelming. We’ve all heard about the internet “bad guys” out there lurking like a horror movie villain, waiting for us to click their email link or access personal information over public wifi.

It seems like it’s so far removed from us; just like those movies. Most people aren’t taking the necessary precautions to keep their personal information safe. We all know we need antivirus in our daily lives, but not everyone is actually using it.

The Last One Standing

Just like those horror movies, we watch as our friends, family, and even complete strangers get picked off one by one. Someone in the office responded to one of those fake boss email scams. The neighbor down the road clicked on a link for a free gift card to his favorite online retailer. Your cousin picked up a virus playing online poker. We all know the stories and the warnings, and yet so many of us are surfing, working, and connecting every day without any kind of protection on our machines.

You don’t want to be the one that gets picked off in the middle of the story, you want to be the hero standing tall as everyone around you makes the wrong choice. That’s why you’re reading this. And that’s why you’re looking for great internet security.

Safe and Sound

So tonight, after all the kids have gone home and picked their favorite candy from their bags, and after the scary movies have flashed across the late night television screens, make sure to take a look into your internet security. Have you locked up all your tech doors? Are you safe and sound? Or are you one digital log cabin away from disaster?

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  1. Isaac Blum, director of programs and gadget services at logistics actual property organization Prologis, brought that even in case you experience like you’ve got task safety, you might not have statistics security, depending on the safety gear your business enterprise uses. “Some of these tools, if they locate a breach, they’ll start wiping files,” Mr. Blum said. If your laptop gets inflamed with malware, the security measures taken to attempt to get rid of problems may clear out your personal documents, too.
    Don’t use Google Docs, Slack, or similar equipment for whatever you don’t need your enterprise to look
    Since its on-line and no longer software established on our computers, it’s smooth to think about G Suite, which incorporates services like Gmail, Google Docs, and Sheets, as personal productivity

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