Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Now Spreading Through Fortnite Cheat Hack

Hackers Post Ransomware in Fortnite Forums

Although ransomware has been targeting the business sector, they haven’t forgotten about home users. In a new campaign to spread malicious software, hackers have masked ransomware as a Fortnite cheat hack. By posting the malicious link in various Fortnite forums, cyber criminals hope gamers will click the link and unknowingly install Syrk. Syrk is a ransomware variant that encrypts the user’s files and attempts to encrypt any data found on connected USB drives.

Once encryption is complete, a ransom note displays on the screen. The ransom note states all of the user’s personal files have been encrypted and a timer begins counting down. In two hours, if a ransom payment has not been made, the files in the photo folder will be deleted. Then a second timer is set, and the files in the desktop folder will be deleted. If a payment is not made, a third timer displays claiming the files in the document folder will be deleted.

The exact amount of the ransom demand hackers are requesting is still unknown. In order for the user to determine the payment amount, they are asked to email a specific email address for payment instructions.

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