Former United States Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Joins PC Matic As Outside General Counsel

PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made anti-virus software, announced a new addition to its leadership team, naming former United States Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and his law firm, as its Outside General Counsel

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, PC Matic announced a new addition to its leadership team, naming former Acting Attorney General of the United States, Matthew Whitaker, and his law firm, Graves Garrett, as its Outside General Counsel. Whitaker will oversee the company’s legal functions as it expands operations across the globe.

PC Matic, the world's only 100% American-made anti-virus software, announced a new addition to its leadership team, naming former United States Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and his law firm, as its Outside General Counsel
PC Matic, the world’s only 100% American-made anti-virus software, announced a new addition to its leadership team, naming former United States Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and his law firm, as its Outside General Counsel

“Matthew is a proven leader whose law enforcement experience and global perspective strengthens our team as we aim to increase the resilience of America’s cybersecurity infrastructure,” said PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng. “Matthew’s deep passion for our mission, coupled with his extensive legal experience is an excellent addition to our leadership team as we accelerate innovations in cybersecurity technology.”

Whitaker served as Acting Attorney General of the United States from November 2018 to February 2019, and as Chief of Staff to the Attorney General of the United States from September 2017 to November 2018. Prior to serving in these capacities, Whitaker served as United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, and in a variety of other legal capacities. Whitaker is a graduate of the University of Iowa where he earned his bachelor’s degree in communications and later went on to graduate with a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctor degree.  Whitaker is now affiliated with the Graves Garrett law firm in addition to being the Managing Director for Axiom Strategies/Clout Public Affairs.

“As cyber-threats continue to wreak havoc on homes, businesses and local governments, the need for cyber-innovation and cutting-edge cybersecurity products has never been greater,” said Mr. Whitaker. “At DOJ, I saw firsthand the damage cybercriminals have inflicted on Americans across the country, and I’m excited to join the team at PC Matic as we redefine the standards of cybersecurity technologies.”

More information on PC Matic and its leadership team may be found here.

About Graves Garrett LLC

Graves Garrett represents businesses and individuals nationwide in commercial and business litigation, white-collar criminal defense litigation, free speech, and election law, as well as corporate compliance, internal investigations, False Claims Act matters and tax controversies. The firm offers comprehensive and creative solutions to complex legal problems along with unparalleled client service and a true commitment to obtaining the best result possible. For more information, please visit the Graves Garrett website.

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101 thoughts on “Former United States Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Joins PC Matic As Outside General Counsel”

  1. Anyone complaining about this appointment is crybaby. They are the safe space liberals unable to make decisions based on performance. They will embrace the cancel culture until it comes for them. Maybe post a video of kittens on here and they can start their “healing”. They are out of touch with real people and definitely out of touch patriotic American’s. I doubt many of them have PC Matic to begin with.

  2. So you left out my previous critical comment of your new hire, Matt. So I will just say that I have fired your company as my anti-virus protection company and will never do business with you again. What were you thinking?

  3. Very disgusted to hear that this company has such an integrity problem to hire Matt Whitaker. This administration and everything connected to it has been simply terrible for the entire world. I definitely have closed my account with PCMatic -have no interest in using PCMatic ever again. They have lost my business. Also, immediately after going with another anti-virus company, all sorts of questionable apps popped up on my computer that PCMatic was apparently letting slip through. Now, I’m not so sure they were even doing the good work that I thought! Very sickening that they are so stupid.

  4. The only thing that surprised me about this legal department hire is that it was advertised to the customer base. That was bad PR. This hire is one which anyone would expect from a corporation. Remember honesty, support of the rule of law, or defending and protecting the constitution ARE NOT corporate values. Corporate values are $$$, and corporate executives values are their own personal $$$. Thus an individual with a record that even Moscow Mitch could not push through the senate for confirmation is an individual who is ideal for a corporate legal team. As I said, the surprise is not that he was hired, the surprise is that the company bragged to the public and customer base that they hired him.

    And to those who might be anxious to burn up their keyboard typing up a reply in order to suggest that I am completely brain washed aka a useful idiot for the Marxist on the left, and who are expecting me to respond by rushing a response to remind them that they are either very, very wealthy, simple fools whose brains have been melted by Fox News to serve the corporate leaders, or Fascist Nazi Klansmen ready to follow Trump to ruin, DON’T BOTHER. I won’t join you in the “I’m a bigger asshole than you competition.” You are welcome to that prize as participating in such activity (or even writing this comment) violates one of my primary principles of life – “Don’t argue with idiots. It’s a waste of time and folks may have trouble telling you apart.” Have a nice day.

  5. I have been very happy with your product which is why I purchased the evergreen plan. The vetting for this individual
    must have been lacking or you needed the firm he works for??? We have seen what his loyalties are and it will not be your customers. If I could find a product as good I would leave. This was a poor decision from a good company.

  6. The only thing that is stopping me from canceling my PCMatic subscription after you hired Matt Whitaker is the inconvenience of doing so.
    Considering your decision. to hire Whitaker, the things you said in support of doing so and the claims you make about your product perhaps your product is not what you say it is.
    Over time I’ll look for something other than PCMatic to protect my computer.

  7. Mr. Cheng, I purchased PCMatic with the belief that you held high standards of integrity not simply for your product but also for your company and this country. Due to your affiliation with Matt Whitaker this comes into question. Did you not scrutinize his background? If you did, how can you overlook/whitewash his history of personal corruption and dishonesty to the American people. I am truly disappointed in PCMatic’s decision. It is a sad day for your company and a sad day for me as I was hoping that our affiliation was going to be along standing one. Sincerely.

  8. I also think you have made a great choice in hiring Matt Whitaker and his law firm to be your outside counsel. All of these negative responses are are from people who haven’t been paying well enough attention to whats going on in the real world. I can only hope these folks (if they really exist) can begin to practice being guided by their informed thought rather than by their misguided feelings. The fact that your company is an American one is the reason I also have chosen to do business with PC Matic. I think I’m as safe as I ever was with PC Matic which is to say as safe as one can be.

  9. I also question the logic in hiring Matthew Whitaker as outside council. Although I am quite happy with your product and service to date, I do not have the same level of confidence in Mr Whitaker’s abilities as an attorney, given what has been made public via open hearings.

    That your company would choose Mr Whitaker, someone so controversial and with such a checkered career history, is a head-scratcher at best.

    I do hope your company continues its excellent service, and that Mr Whitaker’s influence is very limited.

  10. I am truly delighted that Matt Whitaker is joining PC Matic – he will be a great addition to an already GREAT company. Welcome aboard Matt – You’ll be terrific.

  11. David Mickalishen

    I’m a Canadian Evergreen customer and am pleased with PCMatic. Even more pleased with this move hiring Matt Whitaker. If I knew more about computers I’d apply for a job with PCMatic. I trust Rob Cheng. Blessings!

  12. To those trolling people exercising their 1st amendment RIGHT to express legitimate concerns: YOU have NO standing to make ANY accusations OR judgement of those expressing sincere concern. The fact that YOU think you have that right is EXACTLY why so many HATE tRUMP and leery of Whitaker, because the MINUTE ANYONE disagrees or questions these choices, we are all the sudden the PROBLEM and need to DIE?

    ANYONE who ACTUALLY seeks the TRUTH in news KNOWS that this guy not only has a bad reputation and was about to be put in front of the law review board for disbarment, when all the sudden the justice department SQUASHES the FBI investigation that HE DEFRAUDED SENIOR citizens with a scam is enough to sound the alarm. THE FACT that many of you here defend HIM and say NOTHING about seniors who are out of their retirement savings because of WHITAKER are the TRUE demons here.

    PCMatic WILL live to seriously REGRET this choice, mark my words. If he defrauds or harms PCMatic customers, PCMatic will suffer bankruptcy because they’ll be sued into oblivion. Pretty sad state of affairs that he is the only one you could find to do this, not true of course. But of all attorneys available why choose someone who is KNOWN on PUBLIC RECORD for LYING to congress in order to PROTECT a president committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY EVERYDAY and making fun of OUR democracy and laws. Pushing to put BABIES and TODDLERS into cages. Perhaps Cheng’s children ought to be brought around for a stay in cages, while he and his wife are deported. I WILL BE SEARCHING FOR ANOTHER COMPANY TO PROTECT MY COMPUTER THAT DOES NOT HIRE FEDERAL CRIMINALS TO HAVE ACCESS TO HARM MILLIONS OF INNOCENT AMERICANS. Matthew G. Whitaker, served on the advisory board of a Florida company that a FEDERAL JUDGE SHUT DOWN last year and FINED nearly $26 MILLION after the government accused it of scamming customers. DO YOU THINK THAT $26 MILLION DOLLARS WAS LEVIED BECAUSE HE’S A GOOD GUY? Oh my, I REALLY thought you were smarter than this. Hope YOU have another choice for your PERSONAL attorney, because you ARE GOING TO NEED THEM SOON!

    1. How can a person that advocates for the social and legal persecution of those that may have a different political opinion believe they have the moral authority to criticize anyone? Perhaps acceptance is the first step to the off ramp that leads to reality.

  13. Jacqueline J Henning

    Our experience with PC Matic to this point has been absolutely terrific.

    However, like many others who have posted earlier, we are NOT feeling safe with the addition of Matt Whitaker and actually would ask you to reconsider working with him and we totally do NOT trust him.

    His addition to the team causes us to pause and question the quality of the management judgements you are making – which ultimately affects our ability to retain confidence in you and your products.

    This is nothing personal. Quite simply, Matthew Whittaker’s previous actions and affiliations are NOT the type of quality which we would want to be associated with, let alone trusting our security on!

    Please re-consider this (so that we can remain with PCC Matic)! This decision affects the referrals which I have been giving on PC Matic also!

  14. I am a loyal and very satisfied Evergreen customer of PC Matic. I feel that the hiring of Matt Whitaker is not a wise decision. While acting AG Mr. Whitaker clearly displayed a willingness to favor political leanings over the rule of law and may not always be honest. I would be very careful what kind of tech knowledge and PC Matic trade secrets I would allow him access to.

  15. PCMatic has a good marketing opportunity here, as I see from the comments that there are a lot of infected minds out there in the digital world. PCMatic can come up with a anti-left-wing-media-bias software that will cure these infected minds and with continued support will keep them clean. PCMatic does a great job in keeping my computers running great and the hiring of Matt Whitaker is a business decision that has no political ramifications at all, he was the correct legal mind for the job. As long as PCMatic continues to Keep my computers running clean, as I hired them to do, then I will be their customer and let them run their business the way they see best for them and their customers.

  16. PC Matic is a great product and at very reasonable prices. Keep your flame suit on Rob. TDS liberals will never stop spewing their hate. I am so happy to have become an evergreen customer.

  17. You must be out of your mind hiring Whitaker. Did you bother to do a background? He is at best a poor attorney and at least an attorney that needs to be disbarred. This decision makes me re-think my decision to trust your software on my machines when I definitely wouldn’t trust Whitaker in any capacity.

  18. I am considering changing to PC Matic. What are differences between PCM and Staples and Geek Squad for customer support?

    1. When you pay for PC Matic, you’re getting the best security solution because it uses an application whitelist which only allows known trusted programs to run. Staples and Geek Squad are support options. PC Matic offers seven-day a week support; however, this is all done online. We do not offer phone-based support, nor is there a facility for you to drop off your PC for us to fix it.

    2. I have had PC Matic for several years and have used their Online Support twice I think. Both times it was successful and well presented as I am NOT a techie. I have had almost zero problems and am well pleased with my evergreen subscription.

  19. Listen to the toterant liberal retards
    (libtards) spew their hate. TDS is a real medical condition. PC Matic is the best by far, so good luck TDS patients with your future choices. They will also be paying more for their stupidity.
    Keep that flame suit on Rob. Love your product.

  20. I feel PCMatic is a great company and provides a great product. However the choice of Matt Whitaker will prove to be the biggest mistake this company has ever made. His involvement in his previous companies, his sending threatening letters to customers in the past, his actions as Acting Attorney General, his refusal to be transparent before congress and not to mention he is still under possible indictment for some of these actions. I hope you can keep him under control and he doesn’t ruin your excellent company. This is a BAD Choice.

  21. I think I’m mainly worried that there could be nefarious intentions on the part of Whitaker being given this position – do we now have to wonder whether PCMatic is ‘up to something’ besides just giving us great protection for our computer systems ? We already KNOW there is a wish to control those who are not in sync with the Republican mind, the very fact of trump is a threat to our existence as thinking people in the US (altho trump’s main intent is lots of lovely cash) and now our own paid pc protection company gives us pause to wonder if there are plans to subvert what we have paid for, to either spy on us or maintain a background connection to their aims ! If I declare myself as a fervent Republican & trump supporter does PCMatic now flag me as ‘ok’, and is the opposite true ? Scary thoughts – Big Brother is watching us !
    This is how bad the current climate makes EVERYTHING we are involved in. I worry that we can never go back to decent !!!

  22. Well I do not & would never trust Matt Whitaker since he showed who he was quite clearly before being thrown out of office. However he may still behave decently as an underling within this Law Office, so I will not judge him beforehand. However I’m disappointed that Cheng chose this guy knowing full well what the history is – I guess that was a financial consideration , since I imagine they get cheapo support form him, while he is trying to resurrect his image. Don’t give Whitaker too much info about the inner workings of PCMatics’ process – that would be a really silly idea !!!!

  23. I believe Rob Cheng is a God send to this cyber warfare. ( God Almighty not the god of this world.) Ye shall know them by their fruits. I see a lot of good fruits coming out of Rob Cheng and his company. I also believe Rob Cheng fears God and also knows Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. ( Ro 8:9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.) 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    Mt 7:19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    Mt 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Our warfare is more than just cyber, ( Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Because of the fruits that I see coming from Rob I think Rob knows this. I pray for Rob Cheng and his family and his company. That God will bless him and lead him in his righteousness, ( that is Jesus Christ righteousness through his Holy Spirit.

  24. PC Matic is a great product. Have been a customer for at least 5 years and went evergreen 2 years ago. Have never had a device infected or impacted by hacking or malware since starting.

    I am literally laughing at the people who are making this into a political issue. Their controlling comments are the very definition of Fascism. Like you guys don’t have a brain to think for yourselves.

  25. It is not persons making comments that are turning this into a political issue, it is PCMatic and the choice itself. PCMatic has promoted itself as a company users could trust to have no agenda other than protecting their customers data and privacy, holding themselves separate from others unworthy of that trust. With this choice PCMatic has called into question the very trust it must depend on for the success of its product.

  26. Personnel is Policy, and this decision speaks poorly of the Judgement of the Senior management of PCMatic. I admire this company and it’s product, however my faith and respect has been shaken by your actions.
    It is most likely I will not renew if this man of dubious credentials and proven poor competence is still associated with your company.
    I strongly encourage you to rescind this decision.

  27. An incredibly poor choice. The man is undistinguished, and has been involved in shady operations. This makes me question my choice of P C Matic.

  28. Thank you for informing [us] of [your] ‘business decision’. You didn’t have to do this, but you did out of respect for your customer base. I’m a cross over from the analogue era to the digital age.

    Dogma distilled to any form of purity is poison to the people; be it politics or otherwise. We can be kind to ourselves and still prosper.

  29. These negative comments demonstrate the last stages of TDS, in which the patient cuts off the nose to spite the face and shoots oneself in the foot. Research has grouped TDS in with Terminal Stupidity, which is always fatal. As of this writing, there is no cure.

  30. Personally, I am quite conflicted on this choice for legal council. I love, LOVE,
    this product, yet I see questionable decisions on Mr Whitiker’s part that cause me concern for the continuity of PC Matic.

    Sometimes, who you associate with can lead to unintended consequences. Wishing for best, but will be watching.

  31. Love, love PC Matic! Thanks for your continued dedication to the highest standard! So proud to say this is a 100% American Company. Welcome to the team Mr. Whitaker.

  32. You have got to be kidding with this hire of Matt Whitaker, the subject of multiple ethics investigations, lawsuits and the claimed inventor of “The Man Toilet!” This imposter took a temporary “seat filler” at the US Department Justice in the Trump administration for specific goal of helping the Orange Menace OBSTRUCT and IMPEDE the Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia.

    As a security software company which touts being American-made cyber protection system (PC Matic), I am personally shocked and apalled your company would look to apparently “cozy up” to an ILLEGITIMATE administration that was backed by Russia’s multi-tiered “malign nation-state cyber interference” in the 2016 presidential election by publicizing your company’s hire of Whitaker.

    If your company believes this “correct hire” after what appears to be a an absolutely “un-vetted hiring” judging from what the simplest word search of Whitaker’s name is a litany of ethical and legal issues including attempting charity and business fraud and taking illegal donations (receiving $8,800 in donations) while then-AG Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, then it raises questions about PC Matic’s credo of stopping malign foreign cyber threats.

    Lest I need reminding PC Matic and readers here that up to 17 American intelligence and the Mueller Report are WARNING us that Russia and other nation-state “bad actors” are actively interfering in America’s election systems and democracy, in general. Whitaker was part of a Trump administration that still has a President and Republican-held Senate that REFUSES to acknowledge the intel reports and BLOCKS all House-passed election/cyber security bills.

    The hiring of Whitaker only raises questions about PC Matic’s seriousness in addressing these urgent national security concerns and the overall LEGITIMACY of your management and software products. Needless to say, I would NOT recommend your PC Matic security programs in a similar fashion to the Russian-made Kaspersky cyber security software!

    1. I totally agree with Michael. With the hiring of Matt Whitaker, I probably will not renew PC Matic. I am very disappointed with this announcement.

  33. these raisin-brains should look for their “blankies” and then learn to spell-Matt Whitaker would be my choice. BTW_ one of Best Buy’s ‘geeks’ told me PCMatic was a scam-easy to know what channel he watches.

  34. PC Matic has a fantastic product and continues to be a success. I’ve been a loyal customer for 3 years. They now hire an outside counsel to continue to expand and strengthen their business, which should appeal to the sensibilities of the customer base.
    Instead some people bring in their personal political biases and react like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum.
    Keep doing what you’re doing PC Matic! Great company! Great Product!!

  35. I’m very disappointed as well. I don’t trust anything that guy touches. Didn’t he do infomercials for toilets? I think another legal team could have protected you as well or better. I find it humorous that part of that legal team’s specialty is white collar crime! No more P.C. Matic for me.

  36. Your association with Mr Whitaker reveals a vetting process comparable to the current White House in that, you should consider implementing one.

  37. Mr. Whitaker was a good choice. At least he was honest in his testimony. Not like the
    many other crooked liberals in the department of justice, FBI, and etc. Comey, Stroz, Clapper, Page,
    and the chief looser Brennan. I will be renewing my PC Matic subscriptions early and tell MORE
    people about your fabulous service to this industry. I have never had any issues with my
    computers since I converted to PC Matic a couple years ago. I do not trust providers who’s software
    is made overseas. Keep up the good work Rob and Thank You.

  38. Used PCMatic for years and will continue to recommend it to my friends and coworkers. It’s too bad some find a reason to politicize every facet in life, but there are a vast many more of us who know what it takes to protect our families and property. Damn good choice in legal counsel as PCMatic was the right choice for me and mine.
    Stay strong, stay safe

  39. I wonder if the liberals’ keyboards only work for left handed idiots. Politics in everything. You do what is best for us and your company. Big brother doesn’t control that yet.

  40. Wow! Seems as though some still do fall for the mind-numbing stuff from CNN and MSNBC. Good luck with whatever security software you choose.

  41. I will start a search for a new company to protect my PC. I am sure I will do a better job on a back ground check than PC Matic did on Hiring this Joker.

  42. My renewal just went through on Friday. But then I saw this announcement about Matt Whitaker. So I requested a refund and they are processing it. This was an unforced error. PC Matic could have hired someone who is non-partisan and actually qualified to provide legal counsel. Instead they have chosen to take a very good product and turn it into a referendum on Trump.

  43. You have a great product and fine outside general counsel. If the morons who insist on politicizing your choice object with their feet it’s their loss, not ours. Keep up the good work!

  44. From GQ, November 15, 2018
    In a pitch-perfect Trumpian twist, it turns out that before ascending to his current role, Matthew Whitaker was also a cartoonish, grifting dope who shilled for a company that hawked time-travel cryptocurrencies, Bigfoot dolls, and toilets specially designed for men with big dicks—and that was shut down for good and paid a $26 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year for its alleged wrongdoing.

    My first reaction, “wasn’t he the guy with the toilets?” The man has issues.

  45. I am saddened to see that you chose Mr. Whitaker and his firm. I love your software, but I am concerned that you are stepping into and encouraging the Alt-Right and Fascist movement in this country. The above comments are a good example. When people have to use political slurs like libtards, radical (brainwashed) leftists, etc. at the very least make it appear that you identify with the fascist movement in this country. I hope you did not hire him because of his connections to the president; Trump trashes everyone around him and I hope you do not wind up on the political trash heap because of him. I will watch carefully to see if your future actions promote or condone the hatred and fascism express by Whitaker. If you do, you will lose my business.

  46. Given his background in fraud I assume you hired him to have someone experienced in cons to make it easier to spot other frauds. Now, I’m even more concerned that my information and ID will be put at risk by a company I used to have faith in. I also wonder how the safe my use of the internet to express opinions will be with a fascist in the company and how much PCMatic is funneling to the far right regime.

  47. There must be thousands of better choices. This decision is amazingly bad. He is still under investigation for fraud.

  48. Extremely disappointed in this announcement. Matthew G. Whitaker, served on the advisory board of a Florida company that a federal judge shut down last year and fined nearly $26 million after the government accused it of scamming customers.

    The company, World Patent Marketing, “bilked thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars” by promising inventors lucrative patent agreements, according to a complaint filed in Florida by the Federal Trade Commission.

    Would be interested to hear why PC Matic thinks this is a good addition to the management team.
    It appears that poor judgement has been displayed without further explanation.

  49. So, other than his notoriety and a few dubious press clippings – what does he add to your business plan. This guy is a complete and utter ruse. If he had the “stones” to shade the truth to congress under penalty of perjury – can only imagine what he’ll tell your board. Is he still peddling the “long dong” toilets? And how does his expertise in solid waste disposal fit into your business plan? OH!, wait a minute I get the connection now. PC matic has a great product why sully your reputation by bringing in hacks like Whitaker. One of the Kardashains in getting a law degree – you should have held the position until she matriculates!!!

  50. This man proved his lack of good judgement and questionable decision-making during his short and disastrous term as acting AG, so how you think this announcement helps your company is mystifying. I have never doubted the PCmatic product or had any reason to question the company’s mission – until now. My confidence in your product is severely shaken by this announcement. My apologies if I hurt the very tender feelings of any trumpyflakes out there.

  51. Pc matic, awesome my computer works so well and love this company! Congrats on getting your new hire. Very great choice, no wonder I love PC MATIC!!!!!!!!!

  52. To Brad S. : “PC-matic is GREAT but I prefer to do business with people who don’t hire lackeys from fascist regimes’ Hm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m. Just why did you use PC-matic, because you liked the managers ideology? So you would rather use a program with managers that share your ideology but may not be as effective. H-m-m-m-m-m!!!!

  53. Outside of believing you made the correct choice on the merits, it delights me to see the vitriol from the left on this hire. That is authentication of the good hire in and of itself. The more they squeal, the more likely the choice is the correct one for PCMatic

  54. albert e cornejo

    Through the years i have used many anti virus programs and none of them worked like PC Matic. Given the political atmosphere in this country today it is sad to see the continued negativity towards a great reputable company and service it provides. I will continue to use it’s services and tell my friends and family about PC Matic.

  55. So you’ve decided to negatively politicize your entire business operations, needlessly, by hiring this supporter of fascism in America. Shame…on…you. You’ll never see another nickle from me for ANY product you’re trying to shill.

  56. Have been using PC Matic for years and will continue to do so. Do not know why you need him but I assume you had good reasons, Whatever, just keep my machine protected. I guess if some want to leave you for buggy alternatives, they have the right to do so,

  57. Hope you know what you have gotten into. We’ll see how it works but will be watching closely before I make a decision to stay or leave.

  58. Terrible choice. No more PC Matic for me. It’s been great but I prefer to do business with people who don’t hire lackeys from fascist regimes

  59. I think you have made a great choice in hiring Matt Whitaker and his law firm to be your outside counsel. All of those negative responses are probably fake so you can disregard them and feel good about your choice. The fact that your company is 100 percent American is one reason why I chose do business with PC Matic. Keep up the good work!

  60. I have no prior knowledge of Mr. Whitaker, but the hate of the radical (brainwashed) leftists engendered by his appointment tells me that he has to be a good man. Hoping to keep the USA headed in the right direction finally, after so many disastrous years – especially the previous administration. PCMatic – keep up the good work!

  61. Richard Sutherland

    Bummer. Of the tens of thousands of really excellent attorneys in this country, you chose Matt Whittaker. I can only surmise that it is because he has some connection with the would-be dictator in the White House. It is sad that it has come to this.

  62. Barry Bridgeford

    IMHO a very bad choice for counsel! I will not renew my multi-year subscriptions with PCPITSTOP because of this.

  63. The decision to hire Whitaker speaks volumes. Questionable at best. His testimony before Congress shows what type of person he is. Will no longer do business with your company.

  64. I am sorry to hear that PCMatic has affiliated with Matt Whitaker to handle your legal issues. PCMatic is an excellent and outstanding company that provides me and others with an excellent service. I’m afraid Mr. Whitaker has not attained that level of service in his past activities and, while I don’t know Mr. Whitaker personally, my observation of his career activities would not encourage me to have any connection with him. I have no knowledge of the law firm he is associated with so can’t comment on his firm. Good Luck!!

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