New Cryptominer Takes New Steps to Avoid Detection

New Malicious Software Doesn’t Want to Be Seen

A new malware variant used to mine for cryptocurrency, identified as Norman, takes a unique approach to avoid detection. Cryptominers are malicious software hackers use that occupy the CPU usage of devices, often rendering them utterly useless. Unfortunately, many traditional antivirus solutions will not stop them, and they are difficult to detect. The most effective way to identify if your device is being used for cryptomining is to check the CPU use through Task Manager. That is unless you’re a victim of Norman.

The creators of Norman have designed the malware to terminate once Task Manager is accessed. Therefore, when users are checking their CPU use, it will not show the malicious software that is occupying the device. Then, once Task Manager is closed, Norman goes back to work.

The best way to avoid falling victim to cryptomining is to deploy a security solution that implements application whitelisting. Using an application whitelist will only permit known, trusted programs to execute.

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4 thoughts on “New Cryptominer Takes New Steps to Avoid Detection”

  1. Mr. Whittaker will bring with him a wealth of knowledge (much of it not disclosed to citizens for security reasons) as to who is doing the majority of these intrusions / hacks and HOW it is done using WHAT specific software or skill sets.
    The AG investigates and then prosecutes the majority of these hackers and you have to KNOW how a hack or intrusion occurred before you can charge them.

  2. Its looking like the death penalty is too good for these hackers. If so many users did not leave their computers unprotected or under-protected, reprobates like these wouldn’t be able to get a foothold.

  3. Regardless of Company party affiliation PC Magic is a great program and. I do not think that having Mr Whitaker associated with the Company would benefit in any way shape or form. I guess they have not followed Mr W history prior to been Acting AG.

    1. any previous AG is suspicious of being as corrupt as the last one.. I cannot see this company PC Matic hooking up with it.

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