Amazon Selling Exploding Li-Ion Batteries

Although this isn’t the first time a lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery exploded, it does appear to be the first time the seller and distributor are less than responsive regarding the incident.

According to The Atlantic, Nicholas Jones ordered a replacement Li-Ion battery for his laptop from Amazon. Shortly after installing it, there was a loud bang, and the battery exploded. The laptop burst into flames and caught his couch on fire. Jones also suffered burns as a result.

In an attempt to figure out what happened, he went back to the product listing and found other customers had shared a similar experience. He reported Amazon refused to put him in contact with the seller, and never assumed responsibility for the incident. Jones stated,

“They [Amazon] weren’t even like, ‘We’ll get to the bottom of it. It was, ‘We’ll put you on hold for 45 minutes until you get annoyed and hang up.’ I was a little naive. I thought, This billion-dollar entity—they’ll at least cover my losses. What did I really expect? It is a big company, and they treated me like a big company.” 

Other Li-Ion Issues

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time customers have reported issues with Li-Ion batteries. Over the course of the last five years, major electronics companies have recalled Li-Ion batteries due to explosion hazards, including HP, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, and Toshiba.

PC Pitstop, makers of PC Matic, conducted a test regarding the safety hazards associated with Li-Ion batteries. The initial test took place in 2006, with a follow-up test occurring in 2013, with the hopes of different results. Unfortunately, the results were the same. The recorded test can be seen below:

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19 thoughts on “Amazon Selling Exploding Li-Ion Batteries”

  1. The Dreamliner manages batteries made by Yuasa. Hardly a shonky manufacturer. Maybe they should take a leaf from Tesla’s book, and deign a better control circuit. Lithium batteries containing Cobalt seem to be the most prone to thermal runaway, but they give the best performance. (batterywise)
    If you have a battery monitoring controller, make sure you have one which monitors battery temperature as well. May I note – one more duty for already over stressed pilots. Bring back Flight Engineers. As a note to this, I feel that both those 737 Max 8 crashes may well not have occurred, if a Flight Engineer was part of the crew. However that has nothing to do with the batteries.
    If you are doing a Solar Cell installation, keep your battery backup well away from your house. (even Lead Acid batteries) With the Hydrogen (H2) they generate when discharging, (you too can have your own Hindenberg in your backyard) they are highly inflammable too. Probably the best battery for solar-backup is Lithium Iron (not ion) Phosphate batteries.(Li Fe PO3). For PCs and such, try to ensure that the control circuitry is included in the battery pack. I have no idea how the layman could determine that. I would be hard-pressed to determine that myself, without the Engineering Specification Sheets.

    Meeeoowwrr….Marum.(Die schachspielen Katze)

  2. The simple truth is, that Amazon while it provides a valuable service, needs a lot of work on the customer service area. In the last year, I have purchased a 4 pack of toner and one of the units was leaking toner after 30 days. I asked on their website to contact them and it stated I will be contacted within 2 days. I also ordered a kitchen item that also failed and the same thing. Never heard from anyone, and when I tried to call, the English is so poor, that they did not even understand me. They are so big, and have so much money, that they are too big to go down I think. Very sad thing to see today. They have taken down smaller companies, and to be quite honest, they just do not give a shit plain and simple.

  3. What does politics have to do with this situation. I think that person who posted that ridiculous statment . Should go back to la la land

  4. Preach that! It is the consumer’s responsibility to perform due diligence. There are vendors on Amazon that are in China. Not only selling Chinese goods, but ship directly from China. I have been bitten by that more than once.

  5. I’ve bought many things from over 10+ years. I’ve had items that were defective, damaged something else, and other issues with items from them, but I’ve never had them duck any legitimate reparations. This is very surprising. They will not survive longer term if they take such things lightly. I’m not saying these complaints are bogus, I’m just surprised that Amazon is reported as not taking customer satisfaction seriously, and that’s not been my experience.

  6. During times of repub power, good luck getting any kind of “refund” from a corporation….. But go ahead and vote for them again

    1. Why do you a******* always blame everything on the Republicans? Trump is blamed for the separation of adults and children at the border, climate change, racism in America and now the fact that a company will not stand behind a product they sold , it’s got to be TRUMPS fault! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and spend some time learning about world affairs before you put your foot in your big mouth again!

  7. LOL, that is what search engines are for… type in your model number etc. and hit search.. Then you can take your chance based on ratings on exactly what this article is about, an aftermarket battery. Or go with the extremely expensive brand name replacement.

  8. I agree with Ron, if the seller is a 3rd party, the most Amazon can do is stop that seller from selling on their marketplace. There are certain products I won’t buy online from a Chinese supplier, and no-name Li ion batteries is one of them.

  9. LifetimePCPitstopCustomer

    I have never purchased Li-ion computer batteries from Amazon, but my heart was in my throat when I saw PC-Pitstops tests. I can see the potential for huge liability. Thanks guys and gals for alerting us to this problem.,

  10. Neil Wildeboor

    As far as I know, ALL electric/hybrid cars use lithium ion batteries with varying chemistry. Why? Because those batteries are able to store a much greater amount of power than any other commonly known chemistry.
    Lithium ion batteries require some special external circuity to prevent too rapid charge or discharge, and to prevent discharge beyond a certain voltage per cell, which makes recharge highly unlikely. It appears that the widely available Chinese batteries have none of the safeguards built into the packs. Exactly why the batteries overheat to a point of combustion I do not know, as it is well outside my area. BUT it makes me very wary of simply buying the batteries or cells and installing them. External monitoring/protective devices are available at a realistic price.

    1. Have never seen or heard of a “protective devise” for a laptop battery. If you know a source, please post!

  11. Don’t some of the electric cars use lithium ion batteries? The Chevy Volt comes to mind. The hybrids wouldd be worse with a combination of lithium batteries and gasoline.

  12. Amazon should step up as the middleman and help the customer get the seller to make this right, but for the rest of us, “…Amazon refused to put him in contact with the seller…” means that Amazon isn’t the seller, so the title of the article is misleading. It is very foolish to purchase off-brand batteries knowing that even name brand companies have recalls. It isn’t worth saving a few bucks to risk your laptop and everything in your house.

  13. Did anyone find out who the battery manufacturer was who are selling exploding batteries? Also i need to replace my laptop battery…any recommendations for a replacement battery, after market preferred?

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