Ransomware Attacks

Cyber Criminals Strike Georgia Again…

Stone Mountain Park Association of Georgia Corrupted with Ransomware

What do the City of Atlanta, Jackson County, and the Stone Mountain Park Association have in common? They have all been the victim of ransomware. The City of Atlanta spent millions recovering from the cyber attack that corrupted city networks. Then, last month Jackson County paid the hackers almost half a million dollars to restore their networks. Now, Stone Mountain Park Association is working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Technology Authority to recover their encrypted files.

So far, it appears no personal data or payment information has been compromised as a result of the attack. The park is also still running as it should, as only internal networks appear to be impacted.

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4 thoughts on “Cyber Criminals Strike Georgia Again…”

  1. @MsAv8tor
    Hackers will have a very difficult time trying to gain access through whitelisting. I believe it’s time to hold companies and government agencies accountable for leaving their doors unlocked, or inadequately locked. There are obviously IT departments who still believe the world is flat.

  2. I wonder if these Georgia agencies have been as careless with their security as Hillary and the DNC was with theirs?

  3. Hackers are going to Hack!
    When ever we are plugged into the internet, we take the chance of being hacked. Just like driving, when we go on the road, who knows when we are going to have an accident.
    Yes, we can safeguard ourselves, put on our seatbelts, put up our firewalls – but shit happens!

  4. In all honesty, you would think that Georgia would have learned with the first cyber ransom attack!!! Unbelievable, totally unbelievable. The IT managers simply keep sticking their heads into the sand, saying “This won’t happen to us!” Well, it did “happen to us” several times already. Ransomware has been going around for quite some time now, you’d think that the IT Departments would start to learn about Ransomware and what it needed to stop the attacks. IT Departments are supposed to be the protectors of security, for the infrastructure of the networks they are hired for and many times to create. My guess is that the companies and government on the local and state levels are hiring IT personnel cheaply with only possible entry-level experience. This practice is the wrong decision, if that is what they are doing, in my opinion.

    To have an effected, top-notch IT Department, you need top-notch Department Heads, as well as top-notch IT workers to achieve good results. Would any Hospital hire recently graduated Physicians or Surgeons to take care of patients? No. Hospitals always have older, more experienced Physicians and Surgeons on staff to make sure that the patients are well taken care of in a manner expected by the Hospital Administration and the Community Standards.

    So I ask, why not the same standards for the IT Departments for Government business?

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