IT Professionals Remain Unarmed Against Insider Threats

IT Pros Lack Ability to Adequately Detect and Respond to Insider Attacks

A recent survey completed by Bitglass, a cloud access security brokering company, confirmed insider attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Of the IT professionals surveyed, over half confirmed their organization had experienced an insider attack during the past year. 

Even with the increase in insider attacks, a large percentage of IT professionals are not emphasizing the importance of deploying countermeasures to discover and stop them.  Instead, they continue to focus on modern day threats deployed by external hackers. 

Although IT professionals are not placing emphasis on developing these countermeasures, they are still recognizing the vulnerability exists.  Approximately 68% of surveyed professionals considered their organizations either moderately or extremely vulnerable against insider threats. 

In order to mitigate the risk of internal threats, businesses must deploy better security controls to address insufficient authentication, properly monitor user behavior within the cloud, and secure personal devices.  Connecting personal devices to the company network should also be regulated by the organization, as these devices carry risks of their own.  An overwhelming majority of IT professionals, 88% to be exact, confirmed they do not have the tools or training needed to detect insider threats stemming from personal mobile devices. 

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