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Pettus Independent School District Blown Away By PC Matic Pro

PC Matic Pro recently became the security solution of choice by Pettus Independent School District, located in Pettus, Texas. Steve Sugarek, Technology Coordinator at Pettus ISD shared his testimonial below:

Our School District was with Avast for 10 years, and saw it transition from free, to free for Education, then discounted for Education, then all of a sudden it quadrupled in price! I began asking my peers about what they used for antivirus protection in neighboring School Districts, and wasn’t too impressed with either the results or the prices, either. That led me to call PC Matic, which I have seen advertised on TV for years.

I spoke with Ted and he offered me a free trial period to test and evaluate PC Matic. Needless to say, I was absolutely amazed by this product. It took a total of three days to make a decision to go with it, and we have been quite pleased ever since.

Not only was the pricing affordable, but the real plus is all of the features that are included. Their tech support is second to none, as I worked with Devin and Shawn, who were both instrumental in helping us get the program pushed out to our network computers. Once we were up and running, the Administration console became a very valuable feature.

As with most, it gives you the option to scan individuals, groups, or whole networks. That is where the similarity to other programs ends, as included are the maintenance features like cleaning and defragmentation that can be incorporated into a scan. PC Matic then sends an individual report out for each machine, detailing what was done, plus any potential problem areas. In addition, one of the handiest features included is their Remote Desktop, which I have made great use of as well. 

As an experienced Tech with over 20 years in the business, I will say that I have never run across a product that was so complete and reasonably priced. I would certainly recommend it for any situation, personal or professional. No other product comes close to the value you get with PC Matic.

Click here to learn more about PC Matic Pro, and how it can help secure your servers and endpoints.

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