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PC Matic Band Makes Digital Download Debut – Think before you click.

PC Matic Hits Top Download Sites

PC Matic helps prevent malware and virus infections. The PC Matic Band asks you to think before you click.

Ask and you shall receive!  The PC Matic Band has gone digital, meaning their previously released songs are now available for your listening pleasure on Spotify and iTunes.  Be sure to check it out!  As an extra bonus, their newest release is also live, Think Before You Click.  This new song is featured in our latest television ad, which will hit national airwaves today, October 29th.

Don’t use iTunes or Spotify?  No problem — here’s a full list of download options:

Apple Music:


Google Play:


Amazon Music:









PC Matic Theme is Internet Safety

“Think Before You Click” implores listeners to use caution when clicking on suspicious links. Phishing emails and Smishing text messages can compromise your online safety by tricking you into downloading malicious files. Therefore, you need to think before you click your mouse. Never open an email attachment or text message link unless you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so. Read the 5 ways to identify unsafe emails.

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3 thoughts on “PC Matic Band Makes Digital Download Debut – Think before you click.”

  1. I recently changed computer systems after my last one broke down. As a result, I didn’t transfer the PC magnum program forward but did with PC Matic. Can you help me reclaim this service?

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