Liberty Life Attempts to Recover from Cyber Attack

Liberty Life Insurance Suffers from Ransomware Attack

Liberty Life insurance, headquartered in Southern Africa, is attempting to recover from a ransomware attack.  On June 16, 2018, the organization notified millions of their customers the company had been the victim of a cyber attack.  As a result, several emails and attachments that were encrypted.  In addition, there is a looming data breach concern, potentially impacting millions of consumer files.

Due to the potential breach of customer data, Liberty is now facing the risk of being fined for breaching the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Although the ransom demand amount was not disclosed, Liberty chief executive, David Munro, stated the organization is not paying the demand.  The ransomware variant also remains unclear.

To avoid potential attacks, such as this, users should:

  • Implement application whitelisting
  • Keep all third-party applications and operating systems updated
  • Complete cyber security training
  • Think before you click! If you’re uncertain of the sender and/or attachment — do not open it.

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1 thought on “Liberty Life Attempts to Recover from Cyber Attack”

  1. Ettienne Maré

    This is the first ever wishy-washy article I’ve seen on this forum. Come on people, fix sentence three. And they can “maybe” be fined for a “maybe” breach?

    Please do not use vague generalisations to promote your product. It is a good one, rather place a nice colourful advertisement. And yes, that is how the inventors of the language spell those words… 🙂

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