Hackers Now Threaten School Shootings Post-Ransomware Infections

Cyber Criminals Stoop to New Low – Threatening Student Safety

The FBI and Department of Education have issued a warning to educational institutions regarding the cyber threat, ransomware.  Ransomware is a malicious software that infects systems and locks important files.  After locking these files, the hackers demand a payment to unlock them.  In some instances, if the school chose not to pay, they received threats to extort student, faculty, and institution data.  Now, certain hacking groups are taking it a step further and threatening student safety.

According to FCW.com, a hacking group called TheDarkOverlord is now sending emails and text messages directly to students threatening school shootings.  This group alone has been responsible for approximately 69 school and other business intrusions, as well as the attempted sale of over 100,000 records containing personal identifiable information.  Beyond making threats to students directly, TheDarkOverlord has also reportedly threatened to expose student behavioral reports and medical records.

That being said, the FBI does NOT encourage any ransomware victims to pay the ransom demands.  Instead, if systems are been hit with ransomware, restore them using backup files.

Preventing Ransomware Infections

Also, be proactive with ransomware prevention.  These infections CAN be prevented.  Schools just need the right protection.  Instead of using a solution that allows all unknown, and often malicious, files to execute users need to transition to a default-deny approach, also known as application whitelisting.  Instead of letting the unknown files run, the whitelist will only allow trusted applications to execute.

Today’s cyber threats have gone too far.  Stay protected, and do not become the next target.  It is time to implement a default-deny approach that is affordable, effective, and does not increase the back-end work of IT professionals.  It’s time for PC Matic Pro.

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