Social Media – It’s All Fun and Games Until It’s Not

Social Media Action is Getting You to Share Your Data

How many of us have seen posts or tweets asking for us to share our favorite teachers name, favorite color, your first car, childhood best friend, or even your mother’s maiden name?  How often do you reply or comment sharing your information?  We think, what the heck — I’ll take part in the fun!  But is it all fun and games?  Or are they trying to get something more?  The information shared when responding to these social media news feed questions can all be tied to security questions often used to establish identity when creating accounts.  For example, this one:

Most people would look at this and either post their “hacker name”, or realize this is just a bad idea.  The truth is, it’s a scam.  These types of posts are trying to get you to post your personal data, which can easily be used to access various accounts, or create accounts in your name.

PC Matic urges people not to share this information.  It may be all fun and games, until it’s not.

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