North Korea Blamed for Major Cyber Attacks

North Korea Found to be a Part of Major Cyber Hacks

Over the past week, North Korea has been blamed for two major cyber attacks.  Cyber security analysts believe North Korea has been stealing the crypto-currency, bitcoins, by executing advanced persistent threats (APTs).  APTs are when a hacker gains unauthorized access to a network with the sole purpose of stealing data.  Considering the value of bitcoins has almost doubled over the last couple weeks, it’s not shocking cyber criminals are now targeting digital wallets.  However, North Korea is taking this to a new level by targeting bitcoin exchange sites and financial institutions.

Beyond stealing digital currencies, the U.S. also released a statement on December 18th claiming North Korea was responsible for the first global ransomware attack, WannaCry.  WannaCry was a ransomware campaign that impacted approximately 150 countries around the globe.  Collectively the attack created millions, if not billions, of dollars’ worth of damage.  The actual cash payouts for the ransom demand was an estimated $200k.  Although, businesses had to account for cost associated with downtime, third-party investigations, loss of productivity, and reputation damage.

The U.S. government plans to establish a plan to mitigate the risk of future attacks taking place.  MSN reported,

“…the Trump administration will be calling on “all responsible states” to counter North Korea’s ability to conduct cyberattacks and to implement all “relevant” United Nations Security Council sanctions, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter.”

No definitive plans, beyond the above statement have been disclosed.  Therefore, it is unclear what measures the U.S. plans to take to counter North Korea’s ability to execute these cyber attacks.  All we can hope for, is that is effective.

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10 thoughts on “North Korea Blamed for Major Cyber Attacks”

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  1. Pop and Joe,

    You failed to answer the question posed. Is this just convenient PROPAGANDA being peddled to us TODAY?

    Reminder: Nuclear weapons were SUPPOSED to be in Iraq circa 2003 – remember THAT claim that turned out to be false – launching Operation Iraqi Freedom? How are the Iraqis enjoying their “freedom” our government imposed on them in YOUR name these days? How about the imposers who actually did the fighting in YOUR name – how are they doing these days? Are we being lured into another ambush? Is the government looking to expand its police powers AGAIN (via Patriot Act legislation and duplicitous expansion via Department of Homeland Security when we already have the National Security Agency) through PROPAGANDA?

    I am just posing the questions to provoke reflection on your part rather than senselessly arguing over opinions. Maybe you need to look deeper into yourselves rather than spewing ridiculous opinions. Don’t mistake questioning for arrogance. Don’t rely on ignorant opinions for justification. Don’t rely on PROPAGANDA for truth.

  2. T.J do you live in North Korea? Are you connected to Someone there? How in the world do you know
    what they are doing? I was stationed in Korea 50 years ago. I have actually been there. I was constantly
    amazed at the ingenuity and intelligence of many who with no formal education .
    The conditions were very austere and seemingly primitive . However, they have a survival, highly motivated
    mind set. Are they the brightest most capable on the planet? Perhaps not but the evil they can do, with
    little or no resources is probably astonishing. If you try and sell the enemy short they might wind up killing
    you. Some kind of ultra smug complacence or belief in your own superiority can also get you killed.

  3. TJ,
    Did it ever cross your mind that NK is also investing in cyber attacks as well as the Nuclear Arsenals? Never underestimate your enemy! I have not seen defectors running north from South Korea.

  4. North Korea is “blacked out” at night due to lack of infrastructure (ONE of the MANY “benefits” of Socialist Utopia we are WELL on our way to experiencing first hand). ALL North Korea’s assets are directed toward Nuclear Arsenals (BRILLIANT!). Yet we are to BELIEVE they are expert computer hackers WAY ahead of EVERYONE else on planet earth. How convenient. Is this, by definition, PROPAGANDA?

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    2. @Jane crawford: Hi Jane,

      For future reference, it is not a good idea to post your email address in a public forum such as this. You could be opening up yourself to tons of spam and other nasty things.

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