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PC Matic Expands Protection Capabilities

The PC Matic team is excited to announce a new feature we have begun to rollout to our customers to block Infinite Alerts. It is integrated into the PC Matic ad blocker which runs inside your web browser and will protect you from infinite alert loops. These are most commonly seen as a tech support scam which has been an issue that is increasing in severity. The basis for a tech support scam is trying to convince the computer user that they are currently infected and need to call the number that is displayed on screen to get their computer “fixed”. In reality the computer is completely fine, and doesn’t need any fixing at all.

The Trap

The trap that these tech support scams back users into is locking your browser in a loop where you only see this screen telling you that you are infected and it is very difficult to get it to close or get to another page. This leads to many people calling the phone number hoping to solve this “virus” problem they have on their computer. The computer is not actually infected in any way, but the cyber criminals want you to call them so they can remote into your computer and fake fixing it while often charging you several hundred dollars.

With the new PC Matic ad blocker we are blocking these alert loops and introducing a message to the user that lets them know what is currently happening. You can see an example of the message PC Matic will show below.

You will see this message when PC Matic stops an Infinite Alert.

This feature is currently only available in the Chrome browser, but we will be expanding to other browsers in the near future. The upgrade should take place automatically but if you would like to check if your current version of the PC Matic ad blocker has this feature included, you can follow the instructions below.


  1. Type chrome://extensions into your browser bar.
  2. Look for the PC Matic logo in the list of extensions and verify that it is versions 1.3 or higher.
  3. If you’re currently on a lower version, please reach out to our customer service team at pcmatic.com/help for assistance upgrading.

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9 thoughts on “PC Matic Expands Protection Capabilities”

  1. Does not show up in my extension list and the link to the help page just takes you to the general help page with no mention of where to go next or where the extension help is actually at.

    1. Hello Irwin, to switch coverage to your new computer simply download PC Matic from pcmatic.com by clicking the free download button. After installing click login in the bottom left corner and login with the account you used for purchase. If you have any trouble our support team is available 7 days a week at pcmatic.com/help.

      1. show me where, all that page opens is the general help/faq page and info for this extension is nowhere to be seen unless im missing something.

    1. Hello Pamela, the PC Matic extension is not listed publicly in the Chrome Web Store but you would see it come up in chrome://extensions if you already have it installed. If you’d like to get it installed please reach out to our customer service team at pcmatic.com/help for assistance in that process!

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