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PC Matic Pro & MSP Draw On Customers’ Feedback

At PC Matic we continue to look to our customers for feedback and feature suggestions that would make their work life a little bit easier or more efficient. In doing so we hope to not only bring improvements to our products, but establish a relationship with our customers that provides them a direct line to enhance the products they use every day. Recently we have heard from our existing and potential customers that the implementation process could be made easier with an enhancement to PC Matic. We hope that this new product feature will answer those calls.

Conflicting Program Removal

PC Matic Pro and MSP now come with the ability to remove previously installed antivirus software built right into our installer. In many cases this can save a large amount of time for an IT team that needs to uninstall the previous product that was used before initiating the rollout of PC Matic Pro or MSP. When our installer is run on each computer, it will automatically check for a conflicting program and uninstall it before installing our product. This will also help to ensure there are no potential software conflicts after rollout as running two realtime antivirus solutions will often wreak havoc on an endpoint.

If you’re installing our real time protection component Super Shield it will automatically include the conflicting program removal to make sure that our product can be installed and run properly to keep your endpoints secure.

If you have any questions on this feature, please contact our support team at pcmatic.com/help.

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9 thoughts on “PC Matic Pro & MSP Draw On Customers’ Feedback”

    1. Hi Don,
      Please reply to your initial help desk inquiry with the issues that you’re experiencing regarding the C Drive. They will be able to assist further. If you no longer have the initial help desk inquiry, you can submit a new one at http://www.pcmatic.com/help. Thank you!

  1. I have just sent a reply to your latest bulletin, stating how much I appreciate your service, it gives peace of mind when you check every thing so frequently. Thank you very much, keep up the good work!!
    Marjorie Kleis.

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