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70K Patient Files Exposed After Ransomware Hit Kansas Medical Facility

Ransomware Attack Leaves Thousands of Patient Files Exposed

The Salina Family Healthcare Center, located in Salina, Kansas was hit with ransomware in June of 2017.   The ransom demands were not met.  Instead, the infected servers and endpoints were taken offline until they could be scrubbed and backups could be installed.  Now, two months after the attack, it was found over 70,000 patient files are at risk for data breach.

Salina Family Healthcare Center hired a processing center to send out letters to every potentially breached patient.  Although, according to the Salina Journal, the processing center sent some of the letters to the wrong address.

If you have been a patient at Salina Family Healthcare Center, it is best to call the medical center directly to inquire about the security of your patient file.

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