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PC Matic Expands Advertising Methods

Building the PC Matic Brand Through New Avenues

One of the ways that PC Matic is unique, is our ability to use television ads as a major advertising source. Building on our success using this marketing method, we decided to test additional ads on alternative entertainment sources throughout the second quarter of 2017.

In Q2, PC Matic expanded its advertising efforts to online streaming services. To test the waters, we chose to advertise on one network, CBSN. The campaign ran just shy of four weeks, and reached over 4.8 million online streaming viewers. The end result proved PC Matic could achieve a comparable ROI through online streaming ads, as we do on cable television.

Moving forward, it is quite possible PC Matic will not only be successfully marketing through television — but online streaming as well.

To read PC Pitstop’s Q2 newsletter in its entirety, click here.

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