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PC Matic Collaborates With NEC – Boosting Global Sales

PC Matic is thrilled to announce reaching an OEM deal with NEC…

In Japan, select models of PCs purchased with NEC Direct, will have PC Matic pre-installed on their device.  The partnership is enhancing not only global sales, but cyber security across the world.

So far, thousands of PCs have been sold with PC Matic pre-installed.  PC Matic CEO, Rob Cheng states,

“It is thrilling to have the opportunity to collaborate with NEC and enhance cyber security worldwide.  We can’t wait to see where this partnership leads. “

Although sales are expanding globally, all PC Matic operations including development and support, continue to be based exclusively in the U.S.

Globally Enhancing Cyber Security

Traditional security solutions use a blacklist for malware detection.  Unfortunately, with today’s global threats — that’s no longer effective.  A blacklist treats all unknown files as good, until proven otherwise.  The new alternative is application whitelisting.  Whitelisting treats all unknown programs as bad, until proven good.

PC Matic functions with the use of application whitelisting as its primary method of malware prevention and detection.  Therefore, when a user attempts to open an unknown program, it will not allow it to execute.  Instead, the program is sent to the malware research team for analysis.  Once tested, it will be categorized as either safe or malicious.  This process can take up to 24 hours.  In the mean time, if users are confident the program is safe, they have the option to “locally” whitelist the program.  This means it will still be sent for testing, but will be available immediately to only that user.  Using this function can be risky, unless the user confident the program is secure and has previous experience with the program they’re attempting to execute.

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5 thoughts on “PC Matic Collaborates With NEC – Boosting Global Sales”

  1. I feel that buying a pc with PCMatic installed in it says a lot for PCMatic, Makes me feel comfortable knowing PCMatic is on my side.

    1. Gloria, no you are all set! This is just preinstalled PC Matic protection for customers when they purchase a computer specifically in Japan. Have a great day!

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